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Improving the Selection of Clothing on thredUP + Payout Changes

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We’ve made some changes to the types of clothing we’re putting online in an effort to improve the quality and selection available on thredUP. This affects the low-priced, highly-discounted items thredUP will accept for resale. Please read below for details on how this may affect you. Thanks, James /CEO

Every day in our thredUP distribution center our hard working associates (now more than 100!) process thousands of items and make them available for sale. Over the last year we’ve put more than a million items online and in that time we’ve learned a lot.  In an effort to continue to improve our offering to customers, we’re making some changes.

First, one area where we’ve received consistent negative feedback is about the value thredUP provides on highly discounted, low-priced children’s items from big box brands (think: Target, Old Navy, etc.). Because these brands pursue a “high-low” discounting strategy (in other words, everything ends up on sale and then on clearance) it’s very hard for us to price these items competitively on thredUP and deliver value to both the buyer and the seller. In short: we simply lose money selling items from these retailers.

Second, we believe a lot of these lower-priced items are clogging up the thredUP browsing experience we want to deliver: great quality items of tremendous value from brands you’ll love (many of which you’ve probably never heard of). We sought to make the online used shopping experience easier, but in many cases, we’ve cluttered your browsing experience with items that don’t provide a lot of value.  A year ago when we had only 10,000 items online this was tolerable, but now with 250,000 it’s not.

Third, over the last year, with our operational costs of shipping, processing, itemizing, photographing and storing lower-priced items, we’ve found it’s just awfully hard to break-even on these low-priced items. Many of them sell very quickly, but a lot of them do not.  And the ones that do not sell (which we’ve already paid for), really are expensive to the business.

So with all that being said, we will no longer be accepting and reselling items which cannot be listed at an initial price of at least $6.49 (there will always be items under $6.49 as we regularly reduce prices on items over time). This translates to roughly a $15 MSRP item for kids and a $25 MSRP item for womens. We encourage you to make use of our updated calculator if you have questions about the acceptance of any particular item.  You will continue to see items for sale under $6.49 as we make this transition. This change will be in effect for any bags that are ordered after yesterday June 19th (in other words, if you order a bag today June 20th you will be part of the new acceptance policy). If you have a bag, sent a bag or ordered a bag prior to today you are grandfathered into the old schedule and will continue to receive payment for accepted items under $6.49. View Your Bags

We’re so thankful that we’ve been able to serve you all over the last few years. We really value your business, your support, and your feedback. We are committed to continually improving the thredUP experience and this is one more step in building the future of second-hand, practically-new clothes online.


James & the whole thredUP team

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