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Introducing our Back-to-School VIP Program

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vip_blog_bannerWe’re excited to announce the launch of our experimental VIP program! Like most VIP programs, this designation is reserved for our most committed customers and is our first attempt to reward them (we hope to do more soon!). To make this designation, we looked for a natural cut-off to separate those folks who were making thredUP their regular shopping and clean out destination as compared to folks who were casual users of the service.  To be considered a VIP, you needed to be in the top 5% of purchasers or sellers on thredUP in the last 12 months by purchase or sales volume. It’s a work in progress, but we feel like it’s a great step forward as we encourage a deeply loyal following and reward our very special customers.

This back-to-school season we’re giving VIPs the ability to shop our back-to-school collection of clothing before anyone else. Since mid-June, we’ve been setting aside a portion of clothing that comes in and reserving it exclusively for the back-to-school season. While we’ll make this inventory available broadly to everyone on July 25th, we will give VIPs and their friends early access to these items on July 22nd.  VIPs will see products that have been set-aside and designated for the VIP shop as well as an account badge designating their VIP status. Like all VIP experiences, it’s always more fun with friends, so we’re also allowing VIPs to invite three friends to join them as VIPs just for this back-to-school experience.

Since the set of VIPs is very small, this will have very little impact on the availability of a wide selection of goods at great prices for everyone this back-to-school season. But we think this is a great reward for our VIPs.

Going forward we will work to develop additional benefits for our thredUP VIPs and we encourage you to let us know what you think would be a great VIP perk or perks you have elsewhere that you’d love thredUP to offer.

the thredUP team