Published on august 29, 2018

Find Out the Top 6 Shoes to Wear with Jeans

written by Team thredUP

Jeans are a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe. But with so many different styles, it can be hard to know what shoes go with what type of jeans. From jeggings to boot cuts, there are lots of different styles of jeans, and picking the right shoe can make or break the outfit. Read on to learn about the six jeans and shoe pairings we adore most.  

Black Jeans and Booties

Absolutely everyone should have at least one pair of black jeans in their closet. Black jeans can easily be dressed up or down depending on what you pair with them. Because they are so versatile, they should be paired with a shoe that is equally as versatile: a bootie! Black is a naturally slimming color to wear, so pairing black jeans with a heeled bootie, can make your legs appear longer.

Not comfortable with heels? A bootie without a heel still achieves the perfect not-too-dressy-not-too-casual look. Black jeans with brown boots is a classic combo, and pairing it with a blue denim jacket ties the look to together. Check out our article on denim jackets to learn easy outfit formulas you can copy when getting dressed.


Boot Cut Jeans and Chunky Heels


Talk about the perfect weekender look! Boot cut jeans are the perfect balance between skinny and flared jeans. This flattering fit are designed to be fitted around the thighs, and taper off around the knees (but not as much as a flare). The boot cut silhouette looks beautiful on every body type and can be styled for any occasion.

With a wider pant leg around the ankles, chunky, low-to-mid height heels are the perfect shoe to match. Because the heel is lower, you can walk around the farmer’s market, get some brunch, and run a few errands in this trendy style. Lastly, boot cut is one of our most popular styles of plus size jeans


Cropped Jeans + Sandals or Wedges


Cropped jeans give a relaxed vibe than can shape your whole outfit (and your mood, too!). Because you’re showing a little ankle, take advantage of this to show off a cute pedi by breaking out some sandals. If you’re going to an outdoor event, you could even wear your cropped jeans with a pair of trendy platform sandals to give you a bit of height.

If you pair a cropped pant with a boot or something that covers your ankles, it sort of defeats the point of them being cropped. That may also give the appearance of your legs being shorter than they actually are! This cropped jean and sandal pairing gives off a boho chic look without having to commit to a flowy dress.


Jeggings + Pumps


Play up the sexy by pairing jeggings with a pair of heels. A high heel can make legs appear longer, especially when paired with stretchy, skinny jeans. This combo is perfect for date night or a night out with friends because jeggings are super comfortable, while high heels always give boost of confidence. You can also get away with wearing black jeggings to work if you pair them with a blazer. If you’re looking for maternity jeans, jeggings are the way to go for comfort and style! 


Jean Shorts + Sneakers


Finding the right shoe for jean shorts can be difficult, but sneakers are always a good choice. You can play with the “athleisure” look by pairing jean shorts with colorful running shoes. If you want to dress them up a little, opt for a minimal pair of Adidas, Converse, or Nikes. The shoe can be understated to let your outfit be the focal point of the look. With sneakers becoming more and more fashionable, wearing them doesn’t have to feel like you’re underdressed.

Skinnies + Flats


A classic pairing is skinny jeans and flats. From school to work, and from family time to date night, this look can give a jean and t-shirt outfit a little pick-me-up. Grabbing a flat with a bit of embellishment is a great alternative to wearing heels, if you find heels to be too uncomfortable. Ballet flats are great dress shoes to wear with jeans because they can make the outfit look clean and polished, without sacrificing and comfort.

When you know what jeans to wear with which style of jeans, you may be more likely to experiment with different silhouettes. If you’re someone that usually goes to for a skinny jean, try wearing a cropped pair! Though jeans are a super easy piece to pick out in the morning, you can really dress up or down the style with the shoes you choose. 

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What shoes do you like wearing with your jeans? Share with us below!