Published on august 27, 2018

All Your Favorites (ALL OF THEM!) Are Invited to Our Labor Day Sale

written by Team thredUP

Need something to get excited for this weekend? We got you. This Labor Day Sale, YOU (yes, you) get to decide which deals will be on sale! Get ready for a favoriting spree, because your WHOLE wishlist is going to be added to this sale. 

ANY items you’ve favorited between 8/27 and 9/1 will be added to our Labor Day Favorites Sale, which starts 9/3. That’s including the dreamboat designer handbag you’ve had your eyes on, or those Lululemon leggings that are NEVER on sale (well, now they are). So start building your wishlist because you can use your code on EVERYTHING, including everybody else’s picks too. You see it. You heart it. You got it! If you’re at a loss for where to start, here are some popular places to get hearting.

Your Own Favorites

Anything you’ve favorited between 8/27 and 9/1 will be included, but what about all the items from favorites past? There’s a workaround. Just unfavorite and favorite them again before end of day 9/1! Start now.

Discover New Loves Recommended by Us

Played our new game Heart or Not yet? Not to brag, but it’s pretty fun and it’s the perfect way to unearth items you would never find otherwise! Here’s how it works: each day, we recommend items we think you’d like based on what you’ve favorited in the past. All your picks are completely personalized, you’ll never know what your daily matches might be. Play it on our homepage every day and add those new favorites to our sale.

Fall Styles

Time to get your fall looks in order! Refresh your knits (the ones that live in the rotation), up your bootie game, and get your layering down packed in preparation for the coziest time of the year. This could be the season that really takes your closet to a whole other level.

Designer Scores

Now’s your chance to save on a designer find. That designer wishlist is about to shrink. A lot. Keep favoriting your dream designer items and get ready to add them to your cart fast, there may be other luxe lovers who are eyeing your finds.

What will you be favoriting for this sale? Let us know in the comments below.