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HOW TO: Shop Secondhand Like A Fashion Girl

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We don’t need to tell you how much we love shopping secondhand—it’s what we live and breathe all day every day. That said, we completely understand that there are aspects to shopping secondhand (especially on a site with so many options!) that can be a bit overwhelming. There are some unique tips and tricks that are good to know, that specifically relate to buying secondhand clothing. Here are some of our favorites, inspired by a few of our favorite internet fashion personalities.

1. “When it comes to denim, size up.” – Lindsay, our resident Style Expert (official title: Brand Style Manager). Used jeans are an awesome choice, because denim often gets better with age. Just size up, in case of shrinking.


Brittany of Thrifts and Threads rocks secondhand MIH jeans from thredUP.

2. “If you love it, don’t hesitate.”Amy Abrams of Artists & Fleas. While this seems simple enough, it’s an important shopping tip. When you’re shopping secondhand, not only is the item you have your eye on unique, it’s also likely to get scooped up by another shopper pretty quickly. Go with your gut, and take comfort in the fact that what you covet will cost you well below the retail price.


Amanda of The Miller Effect in a Rachel Pally dress she got for under $50 on thredUP. It’s perfect for dressing up or dressing down.

3. Buy dresses for special occasions. Wedding Season looming over you? Check the cocktail dresses curation on thredUP. Often. We swear by our selection of cocktail dresses.

Wedding season can quickly get ridiculously expensive, after flights, manicures, gifts, and hotels, shelling out for a dress often gets de-prioritized. Dressing up and feeling your best is one of the most fun things about attending a wedding (after celebrating love, that is!).

Scoop up a few cocktail dresses secondhand from thredUP to have in your rotation all summer and early fall. Formalwear is a smart thing to buy secondhand – chances are, your frock’s previous owner only rocked that dress a few times during special occasions, meaning it’ll be in great condition for you. Furthermore, you can go with a color or style that’s a little trendier or more daring than you typically would, because the pricepoint is so much more affordable.


Molly from A Piece Of Toast wrote an ode to secondhand silk! Also, this incredible 100% silk blouse is from Equipment via thredUP. If you haven’t checked out Equipment, you must! They’re famous for their simple silk blouses which magically look fantastic on everyone. Ann Taylor also does an incredible job.

4. Don’t be afraid to be a Material Girl. In other words, when shopping secondhand, it’s pretty much always a good idea to spring for items that include or are 100% silk, wool, cashmere, or linen. These materials are made to last – not only are you likely getting a great deal on these pricier materials, chances are, that item looks great. These materials age well, and will serve you for years to come. They also just look marvelous and hang really well.


Stephanie of Diary Of A Debutante found this bright and happy Lilly Pulitzer top on thredUP for 70% off retail.

5. Plain and simple – search your favorite brands. You know how it fits. You know you’re loyal to their style point-of-view. If you love a brand and you find it secondhand and it’s in your size… *add to cart*

In a rut? Here’s a fun a little exercise:

If you love Banana Republic‘s clean lines and sophisticated interpretation of trends, try shopping Theory.

If Free People floats your boat, check out thredUP’s offering from Rebecca Taylor and Haute Hippie.

J.Crew girl, through and through? Treat yourself to something cute and colorful from Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade.

What are your top tips for shopping secondhand? Tell us in the comments!