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Lifting Up Haiti

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We love to hear about the great things that members of the thredUP community are doing!  A few months ago, I received an email from thredUP community member, Jill Dolan.  She let me know about a mission trip she and her family were planning on making to an orphanage in Haiti with a small organization called Lifting Up Haiti.  Their plan was to set up a dental clinic for the children and the workers in the orphanage.  We happily agreed to send along some button down shirts for the little boys in the orphanage (as Jill requested).  I wanted to share a little bit about Jill’s awesome trip (in her own words) and the pictures she took 🙂
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We are back from our mission trip to Haiti. We had an amazing time and met some amazing people.
We were able to participate in a two day dental clinic. It was a much needed service, since the people who came have never seen a dentist before. My fifteen year old daughter, Sarah, cleaned teeth and even got to pull 3 teeth! The second day of the clinic she assisted a dental student from the University of Washington. My sixteen year old daughter, Katie, flossed teeth and applied flouride to the children’s teeth.
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My husband (Ryan) and twelve year old son (Keegan) helped dig holes for a new fence that is to be put up. Lifting Up Haiti has purchased some property and plan on building a new orphanage for them.
We had a great time teaching the children, doing crafts together, painting the little girls nails and singing songs. There are ten children in the orphanage currently.
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The shirts that thredUP donated were a big need of the children. They mainly wear play clothes, but, they do dress up on Sundays for church. They all looked really sharp in their new clothes! Thank you!!!
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