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5 Brands You Should (Definitely) Be Shopping on thredUP

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There are certain brands that are made to be bought secondhand. Just like certain materials (denim), and some of the finer things in life (wine, cheese, leather boots), some items simply get better with age. If one person decides to clean them out, said items need a new home… perhaps yours?

We connected with thredUP Brand Style Manager Lindsay  and asked her a very hard question:”If you had to pick five brands that one must shop on thredUP, what would they be?”

Whether you’re a newbie or have been shopping with us for years, the five brands are a must to try this season. Read on!

1. J.Crew: You may think of this brand as super-preppy, but the reality is the ‘Crew has something for everyone, and each year their designs get more and more diverse and fashion forward.They’re also a reliable source for  work-ready fitted khakis and cotton pants, sweaters that will stand the test of time, and always-in-style button-ups. Our J.Crew prices are pretty unbeatable, if we do say so ourselves.


Sarah from Sarah’s Real Life rocking some seriously cute secondhand J.Crew picks.


2. Old Navy: We have a wide assortment of items from all-American Old Navy, which also happens to be one of our top brands. Our quality assurance teams make sure the items we accept are in great shape, so you can feel good about shopping this brand secondhand.

Since our prices are quite low, we suggest taking a risk with a new color or pattern you might typically avoid. Madeline from Marketing scored a pair of Old Navy shorts this summer with the cutest seahorse pattern on them. Old Navy is great for clothes (and shoes! and accessories!) that are fun and affordable.

3. LOFTThe LOFT brand was created in 1996 as a spinoff of the iconic Ann Taylor line. Think of LOFT as Ann’s younger, more casual sister. Although the price point is a bit lower than Ann Taylor, the fabrics and construction are high quality. LOFT also sells trendier items in comparison to Ann Taylor’s styles that are bit more timeless and classic. This brand does an incredible job of creating clothes that look great on all  women, no matter what stage of life.


Liz from All We Are Blog and her daughter having fun at the zoo in LOFT (from thredUP!).

4. Anthropologie: Known for dreamy boho vibes and playful patterns, “Anthro” is beloved by many for putting out unique, off-the-beaten-path designs that make quirkier style accessible to all women. No small feat!  Did you know? If you search Anthropologie on thredUP, all of this brand’s private label lines will come up.

5. Lululemon: Oh Lulu, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways! Lululemon is known for high-quality, high-performance,  super-flattering activewear. Lululemon is great to buy secondhand for two reasons. One, it’s made so well that it stands the test of time. Two, many women buy activewear and don’t quite meet their New Year’s resolutions to work out more. We are big proponents of exercise, and think everyone should do it, but in reality a lot of activewear goes unworn because life gets too busy for the gym or yoga studio.

Tell us in the comments, which of these brands have you shopped on thredUPthredUP? What are you go-to fave brands?