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Badass Mom Jill Dailey (of the Dailey Method!) Talks Thrift, Teens, and Her Active Lifestyle

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A random encounter in a West Marin, CA saloon led us to the founder of the Dailey Method, badass mom Jill Dailey. We’re not only obsessed with her intense workout classes, but also her laid-back approach to her personal style—always activewear, but with an edgy twist. Here, she chats about growing her business with moms in mind, life with teens, and how important it is to find your sister wives. Copy her style, follow her advice! 

Tell us about your family:
I have 3 kids. 10 and 13-year-old boys and a 16 year-old daughter. I love how they are all their own individuals. My 13-year-old just “dropped” an album. It’s called Edge by 8 Ball. My youngest is everything sports. And my 16-year-old now shops for me sometimes. We get to raid each others closets.

Besides being a mother, what else do you do?
I’m the founder and CEO of the fitness company The Dailey Method. I’m proud of what I get to share with others. To help individuals feel confident and comfortable in their bodies, to stand up taller and feel stronger. I also really love how many jobs I’ve inspired in the world. The business has grown primarily because other women and moms have seen what I do and want it for themselves: to be in the service industry but also still be a Mom and bring her kids to work with her. I’ve also put the Method out there online, so if there’s not a studio near you—you can do it anywhere. 

A day in the life of you:
Wake up at 6:30am to make breakfast and lunches for my kids. Teach or take a class. I try to take 4 classes a week and that’s my magic number to stay feeling strong and supported in my body, but to not feel like I’m overdoing it. I’ll have conference calls with my badass corporate team of passionate women. Also working on my blog and class innovations. Then possibly drinks with friends or dinner at home with my kids.

What excites you about fashion today?
I love fashion and always have. I’m fortunate that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned how to invest in the right things, so that most of the time I can just shop my closet. I now just need to purchase a few special pieces each season to mix in. I’ve been a long time fan of jumpsuits and this season I just got an army green one that I LOVE. Also, I really like the feminine floral prints out right now.

What excites you about shopping secondhand?
The deals obviously. But also because usually with secondhand you’re getting something not everyone else can have. I have a couple friends and we tend to be drawn to the same things, but if we get secondhand of course, it won’t be exact.

Describe your personal style:
Casual, comfortable, edgy.  I love my baggy pants and sneakers with a fitted top. I basically live in work out clothes so I’ve learned how to keep it fashionable while walking around in leggings. Good shoes and a great wrap or jacket.  Jumpsuits yes. And minimal but edgy jewelry.

What inspires your style?
My lifestyle mostly.

Lululemon leggings and one of Jill’s favorite Dailey Method tops of the Lunar cycle. Photo credit: In Her Image.

Favorite designers and brands:
Golden Goose and Free People sneakers, Mother jeans (always!), Subtle Luxury cashmere, Dino sweatshirts and jumpsuits, Alo and Beyond Yoga are my favorite workout lines. Love Luludesigns jewelry.

What makes your approach to motherhood unique?
I’m here for my kids, I give them the care and love that they need. Love them like crazy. But also give them the space to figure out how they want to be out in the world. My mom always told me her most important job was to help me be independent. I follow that. I like what they come up with when they’re not over watched. Unless it’s obsessive devices and then I sweep them up and make them hike with me.

Favorite badass mom moment:
Won’t over share but had to sit my daughter and her friends down for a serious talk a couple months ago. It was a great conversation that they really listened to. As her friends walked out they looked at me and said “Jill, You’re a rad mom!” When 16-year-old girls tell you that, it’s a good moment.

What’s the one thing you wish you had known before you became a mom:
That all kids are different, that mothering is hard and is supposed to be. They’re here to teach us as much as we are here to teach them. Oh….. and that no one thinks they’re an amazing mom. Every mom questions herself. 


Left: Mother jeans, Birkenstocks, and A.L.C top. Photo credit: In Her Image. Right: Alo top and Alo leggings. Photo credit: In Her Image.

What quick advice do you have for badassmoms-to-be?
Find your sister wives. You can do it so much better if you have a support of other mom’s around you. To cook dinner with, to guide you when you just don’t know what to do, to reciprocate a sleepover when there aren’t any sitters…

Words to live by:
Always be a student. Appreciate and accept where you’re at but be motivated to always learn more. There’s so much we can do with just a little more knowledge.

What do you do for fun?
I really love to dance. Its a form of meditation for me. I’ll go listen to live music at every opportunity. Also, hiking with my dog and friends.

What song makes you move?
Music is such a present part of my life both socially and professionally that it’s hard to say one song. Because there’s always a new one. But I’m loving No Diggity’s Fare Soldi Remix right now.

What song makes you feel?
I Fall from my son’s new album.  Gets me every time.

Fill the blanks:
Me as a mom: Fun and Loving
Me in a relationship: Searching
Me at work: Focused and inspired
Me with friends: Fun and Loving

Any other questions for Jill? Send ’em over in the comments below. Plus, use the space to nominate a badass mom in your life for chance to featured on our blog.