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Badass Mom Megan’s 5 Can’t-Miss Negotiating Tips

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Inside Edition correspondent and badass mom Megan Alexander shares her must-read tips on negotiating in work and in life.

Negotiating skills are so important in life because we’re always negotiating. From trying to get our kids to eat vegetables before dessert, to buying a car, to negotiating that first job contract. The art and skill of negotiating can also help you better provide for yourself and your loved ones. When pregnancies happen or health issues strike, learning how to negotiate may help you figure out childcare, flexible hours, or a bonus based on productivity. Here are my five top tips that you can use in any situation.


Gather information about the job to the best of your ability, and if you think the task is worth a higher amount, ask for more. There is always room for negotiation.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, don’t rush. Don’t be pushed into signing on the dotted line before you’re ready. It’s always okay to think about it, and to sleep on it.


It’s important to know how to speak up and advocate for yourself in work and in life. Negotiating skills build confidence because they cause us to really think about what our value is, define our goals, and decide what we’re going to go for in life.


If there isn’t any more money available, think about more vacation time or a clothing allowance. Maybe it’s an opportunity for a promotion. Be creative in your negotiating tactics.


The worst thing they can do is say no. You’ll probably start a conversation that if they don’t say yes right away, it could lead to another opportunity down the road.

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