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Meet the thredUP Team: Say Hello to Dan!

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Hi everyone! I’m Dan – one of the developers here at thredUP. I was born and raised in Michigan, but I moved to California after graduating from Michigan State University and I’ve really enjoyed my time in California so far. I joined thredUP in September of 2010 when the team moved from Boston to San Francisco. Anyways, I’d like to share with you what a typical day for me is like.

People at thredUP know that I love coffee so it’s probably no surprise to anyone that the first thing I do every morning is make a fresh cup. When I say first, I mean it. I get up, turn off my alarm, walk over to my Keurig coffee maker and pop in a Starbucks K-cup (see picture).

While I let the caffeine slowly slip into my system, I grab my phone and start checking my emails (I know, very lame). I first check to see if there is a big bug on the website (i.e. emails with ‘URGENT’ in the subject title). If I don’t see any of those, then I look for any emails from Airbrake that might have come in during the night. Airbrake is a service that emails us every time something breaks on the website. If you’ve seen our ‘pockets page‘, then you’ve created an Airbrake 🙂 Checking my email is kind of like my personal go-no-go countdown procedure to starting the day. Bugs or Airbrakes? Open my laptop and investigate. Inbox is green and good-to-go? I put on some music and start getting ready for the day.

I’m very fortunate to live close to work. Two miles separate the distance from my apartment door to the thredUP HQ office door so on most days I like to listen to an audiobook and walk to work. San Francisco is a really enjoyable city to walk in – there’s a lot history in the buildings and the views of the ocean atop Nob Hill are a great way to start your day. One of the things that is so unique to San Francisco is the weather. The exact details of why San Francisco’s weather is so unique can be read here, but in practical terms what it means is that it can be sunny and warm where I live and by the time I walk into the office it can be cold and rainy. Even when it’s raining, San Francisco is still beautiful. Here’s a picture I took a couple weeks ago during my walk in:

As much fun as it is to work at thredUP, we do work very hard. After I get into the office and I put on a pot of coffee (shocker!), it’s time to get to work until ‘scrum’ starts. At 9am every morning, the development team gathers around in a tight circle for scrum. Scrum (an agile development term) is a chance for all of the developers to talk about what they accomplished yesterday, what they hope to accomplish today, and talk about anything that they might be stuck on. The development team’s process has evolved quite a bit since I’ve joined, but scrum has remained an anchor to our daily workflow. When scrum is over, I put my headphones on and really try to focus hard on my objectives for the day. Here’s my desk:

One of the perks we have at thredUP (other than ginormous Apple monitors) is Work From Home Wednesdays (WFHW). All of the developers dial into Skype for scrum and then afterwards we’re able to crush away on our work uninterrupted. For some people, WFHW is a chance to code all day in pajamas and for some it’s a chance to go work at your favorite coffee shop. One of the secrets about WFHW (and I hope I’m not spoiling it for the others) is to come into the office on these days. You’re probably thinking “doesn’t that defeat the purpose?”. Au contraire my friend! The office is like a library on Wednesdays and as a result you’re able to stay heads down and be very productive. Very few people come in, but for those that do there are two unspoken rules to sneaking into the office on WFHW. The first rule is to remember the phrase ‘silence is golden’. The second rule is to hide your food from Andre. This is Andre:

Since my job is web development, the vast majority of my day is spent at my computer coding. It can become quite tiresome to work at a computer every day so after my day is finished I like to get away from my computer and go out with some friends. San Francisco has a lot to offer in terms of activities such as hiking, golfing, soccer, indoor trampoline parks, and if all else fails there are plenty of fine establishments with a jukebox, a pool table, and refreshing beverages on tap.

Lastly, I forgot to post a picture of myself! Here I am with some of the familiar faces of thredUP (I’m the one on the far right).