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Meet the ThredUP Team: Say Hello to Jenny!

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Hello!  I’m Jenny! 



I’ve been working for thredUP for 2 years. I started at thredUP as an intern back when we were doing thredUP for adults. Then, we traded just adult shirts (and one at a time!) Here’s a photo of the first thredUP shirt I ever received. (It was a red Banana Republic short sleeved sweater.)


After we switched to thredUP kids, I became the full time customer service specialist. I moved with the company from Boston, MA to San Francisco, CA! Now I am the office manager of our office and a part time manager of our new warehouse. Here’s a photo of one of the warehouse employees Krystal and I packing some orders at the warehouse.




During my free time I like to hang out with my boyfriend, Hector, and take “glamour” shots of my new cat, Honey Badger. (The name is a long story…) Both are pictured below.


I am originally from Mesquite, Texas. I am one of six kids. Here’s a photo of most of my family (minus my sister Ashley.)



And here’s another photo of a few of my siblings and I when we were younger (just for fun!) My brother is going to kill me for this one…. I am the 2nd one from the right.



If you ever want to chat, feel free to shoot me an email at