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Meet the ThredUP Team: Say Hello to Michelle!

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Hello, everyone!  Nice to meet you.  I’m Michelle – one of three at thredUP, but the only one with two “L”s in my name and the only one who is regularly present in our San Francisco office.  To celebrate that distinction, here’s a photo of my desk – note, it’s not cluttered, it’s “creative.”


Since joining thredUP in August of 2011, I’ve had the pleasure of managing Product, interacting with just about everyone in the company to keep our backlog humming.  I also enjoy learning from our customers (you!) to continuously add to our project list – things to improve as well as brand new, exciting ideas! As thoughts begin to surface, I like to get them on paper as soon as possible and love sketching out concepts before taking them to the screen.  There is still room for pen and paper in a digital world!


A typical day can include fleshing out marketing stories with Karen, understanding customer needs from our support team, planning new ops with Sara, diving into user experience flows with Oly, strategizing the next big thing with James or working with Chris and Dan to boil projects down into actionable stories that the design and development teams can tackle in a systematic way.  We track a lot of our work using fancy web tools, as well as through giant Post-its stuck to the wall.  (I don’t want to spoil all the surprises to come, so I’m purposely keeping this photo on the abstract side.)


My path to thredUP and life at an Internet startup has been a winding one.  I’ve engineered satellite mechanisms, developed kids’ toys, worked at a design consultancy on projects ranging from reinventing early childhood education to laundry in developing countries, taught design to college undergrads and helped launch a web company focused on assisting individuals with finding the best foods for their dietary needs and preferences (check out!).  And, now, alongside working at thredUP, I have the most important and rewarding job of all: being Mommy to the most adorable little girl ever (only slightly biased!).  She helps keep thredUP very real for me, as she cycles quickly from one size to the next.


Other than a short stint in Chicago, when I realized that I don’t do well in temperatures outside of a 20 degree range, I’ve called the City by the Bay my home and enjoy residing in San Francisco with my husband and little girl.  What do I love about this place?  Part of it is the diverse culture, part of it is the great food and part of it is seeing views like this on my daily walk to the bus and BART:


Thanks for reading!   Now that you know a bit about me, I’d love to hear about you.  Feel free to drop me a line at  Don’t forget – that’s Michelle with two “L”s!