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Meet the ThredUP Team: Say Hello to Sara!

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Get woken up by the kids in the dark, speed through breakfast, toss lunches in bags, streak through carpool in the minivan, speed to your desk to work, pick up the kids, try to serve healthy food, prod kid through homework, PLAY!!, walk Toby Dog, baths/books/bedtime, try to fit in grocery shopping/laundry/cleaning/social life? HA!/glance past your husband while you fall into bed, ready to repeat tomorrow … Sound familiar?  Is this your life?!  Mine too!  These are my alarm clocks:



Two years ago my friend sent me a link to this new company called thredUP; she thought I might like it – she was right!  As a Navy wife (see flyboy below!), when I joined thredUP in the seed phase in April 2010 I immediately saw the opportunity for thredUP to fill a need for military families around the globe who were looking for a taste of home.  I dusted off my professional brain after having been full-time at home with kids for nearly 4 years and dropped James an email – I let him know what I could do, told him I only needed enough money to cover the coffee and babysitting I’d need to work 10 hours/week and BOOM.  A few emails and one Skype conversation later I started on my thredUP adventure.   


It’s been a wild ride every day ever since!  Now working 25 hrs/wk (great mom mix!) I’m sort of a Swiss Army knife at TU … the team cooks up crazy ideas (not just military ones!) and I figure out how to make them work for parents just like us.  Logistics, operations, marketing, relationship building, piloting programs, emailing with LOTS of thredUP moms, writing, editing, testing, no two days are ever the same.  I’ve been a high school English teacher, college administrator, corporate international law ops streamliner, start-up girl, MOM, and camp goddess: every single experience has prepared me to do my best for you at thredUP. 


I have a corner office at our pad in Annapolis, MD, comes complete with foot-warmer (Toby’s bed is under my feet)!  As you can tell, I can’t stand paper … a girl, her laptop (with mongo monitor) and her dog – Toby was too shy to take a picture under the desk, here he is frolicking –


When I’m not tap tapping away on my Mac I’m kickin’ it at CrossFit Annapolis, darting to soccer games with Ryan (7), catching David (5) practicing funny faces in the bathroom mirror, or routing Lexi (3), wild child and future Naval Aviator, out of EVERYTHING.  Our little Navy family has moved 5 times in the last 9 years before finding our way back to Maryland last summer.  We’ll be here for another 6 years (gasp!) while hubbs teaches Ethics and Leadership at the Naval Academy.  It’s my distinct pleasure to serve the parents of thredUP – got an idea for a new program?  Email it to me at, I’m listening J