Published on july 14, 2020

Meet Zero Waste Daniel: The Designer Behind ReFashion, a 100% Secondhand Collection

written by Team thredUP

Did you know? One in two people throw their clothes straight in the TRASH. To inspire a movement to end throwaway culture for good, we’ve partnered with designer Zero Waste Daniel to create, ReFashion, our limited 100% secondhand collection that inspires fashion lovers everywhere to choose used. Meet the man behind the clothes, and claim a handcrafted piece for yourself!


When designing his eponymous line, Daniel has one principle: send nothing to landfill. Sustainable, comfy, timeless, Daniel’s clothes are trend-breaking looks that are made of recycled materials. Each iconic patchwork design is hand-picked and cut from pre-consumer waste sourced from New York City’s garment industry, as well as other hard-to-recycle materials. 100% zero waste, 100% stylish.

Read on to find out how he stays true to his mission!

What do you do within the sustainable fashion sphere?

I’m a designer, entrepreneur and advocate for circular fashion.

What does living sustainably mean to you?

Living sustainably means living with intention. I intend to send nothing to landfill in my everyday life and I use that guiding principle as a tool for making decisions when I’m purchasing things I need out in the world and considering different modes of transportation, collecting energy, and using resources!

Share a fun fact about yourself.

I’m actually pretty good at doing impressions! JVN, Cher, it’s just a funny thing I do sometimes.

When and why did you start thinking/living consciously?

I started my conscious journey back in 2010 but I am learning and growing every day. I was initially incredibly disturbed by the amount of waste that was happening as a result of my design job working in a fast fashion.

What was the inspiration behind the collection? *

The inspiration behind this collaboration was the Summer season and the colors that I always want to work with, but rarely do for ZWD! The pink and green motifs are so fun and exciting and a palm leaf is such a wonderful symbol of summer… It’s a little way to always have something green with you, even if it’s pink!


Share your top 3 sustainable living tips for all the beginners out there. 

Number one, look for items that can either be bought in bulk using reusable containers, or in recyclable or compostable packaging.

Number two, always bring reusables with you; a cup, a fork, a tote bag, and a napkin/hanky are my go to. These are all the things that go in to making one of my “trash zombie apocalypse survival kits.”

And third, remember not to waste energy! You can unplug appliances/ electronics when they are not in use and always consider charging with solar when possible!

What inspires you to continue your sustainable journey?

Seeing everyone from young students to Boomers and everyone in between become excited and inspired by the mission of ZWD and watching as they become aware of the power they have to make positive change in their every day lives keeps me energized and enthusiastic about continuing my sustainable journey.

If you wanted everyone reading this to make one sustainable change what would it be and why? 

The one change I would want to see more people make is awareness. Solutions have to come in waves and from every angle so whether you’re a consumer or a maker, an inventor or a factory worker, your awareness of the problem is a very important part of identifying the sources of problems, and places where it’s possible to make change. We can all harness our individual power to make change and we can always grow and learn to do more – but first we must become aware of the problem.


Share your #1 secondhand shopping tip:

My number one secondhand shopping tip is if you like it, buy it immediately! You never know if you’ll be able to get that item again and it’s part of the thrill of the hunt that you have to jump on what’s exciting as you if all of your personal style!

What are some quick and easy ways to renew a thrifted find? 

Simple tailoring like back darts for fit or a hem to adjust length can really change the way a garment looks on you, so something that is slightly the wrong size can be altered to look perfect! Another thing I love to do is consider adding patches. Covering up holes, wear and tear, or logos is super fun and easy when you use patches and they’re a great way to wear your message on the outside of your garment or transform some thing from a secondhand base to an elevated fashion staple in your wardrobe.

Excited for ReFashion? Us too. Hop to the limited collection and claim your own piece handcrafted by Zero Waste Daniel, or DIY your own ReFashion piece with his handy tutorial. Happy thrifting!