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Merry Making: How To Celebrate National Recycling Week

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This week is National Recycling Week, also known as one of our favorite weeks of the year! One way we’re honoring this week is, you know, just being ourselves, doing what we do (selling secondhand goodies). But, as we started to get into the holiday spirit here at thredUP HQ, we noticed a few eye-opening stats courtesy of Stanford University that made us stop in our tracks and rethink how we celebrate this week.

The holiday season can be really wasteful. Americans throw away 25% more trash during the holidays, which adds up to 25 million tons of additional garbage per year. The holidays are a time to stop, reflect, and marvel at our amazing world. This year, let’s rethink how we celebrate! Starting today, we’ll be sharing ideas, tips and tricks for celebrating the season with repurposed materials. This is good for the planet and is also pretty sweet when it comes your bank account.

Stay tuned for more on this, include something FREE and wonderful coming your way soon.

As we studied up on the facts, two of them really stood out to us. Pin these to your holiday planning Pinterest boards to help spread the news (and to keep you in the recycling mindset all season long):


It’s hard to even picture that! All we know is that the distance of 45,000 football fields is far. Wrapping gifts is oh-so-fun (we’re all about packaging, of course!), so stay tuned for our ideas on how to wrap them beautifully and with (re)purpose.


One idea for saving ribbon: Keep the ribbon from gifts you receive to repurpose for the next year!

Some other tips for you this holiday season:

  • – Gift new-with-tags goodies from thredUP! Check out this curation – every single item is brand new.
  • – Decorate your gifts with something organic. Use a sprig of herbs from your kitchen or an evergreen clipping.
  • – Shop online! It uses less gas. For a double-whammy, choose gifts online that are made from recycled resources, like any of these recycled gift ideas.
  • – Make gifts instead of buying them! Bake delicious goodies (like peppermint bark) and wrap in tin cans you might have lying around. Personal, festive, and earth-friendly.

How are you celebrating the holidays with festive and eco-friendly cheer? Tell us in the comments section! Stay tuned for so many more Merry Making ideas.