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Merry Making: How To Decorate Gifts With Leftover Bubble Wrap

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Welcome to thredUP’s Merry Making series! This holiday season, we’re all about celebrating with (re)purpose. That means getting festive with repurposed materials, resulting in a happier planet, wallet, and you! Place an order today for a free Merry Making guide, and read on for how to make this festive polka-dot garland with items you have around the house.

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-009-X3.jpg

You’ll need:

  • -Bubble wrap
  • -Acrylic Paint
  • -Paint brushes
  • -A paper plate (for the paint)
  • -Gift wrap to decorate

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-028-X3.jpg

1. Lay out a sheet of bubble wrap and put a dollop of paint on your paper plate.

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-051-X3.jpg

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-065-X3.jpg

2. Dip your brush in the paint, and paint a stripe of color vertically on your bubble wrap.

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-085-X3.jpg

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-089-X3.jpg

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-097-X3.jpg

3. Take your present, and lay the bubble wrap paint-side-down on the gift.

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-120-X3.jpg

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-123-X3.jpg

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-130-X3.jpg

4. Peel the bubble wrap off carefully. Let dry.

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-139-X3.jpg

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-144-X3.jpg

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-149-X3.jpg

5. Take a few pieces of colored string, tie in a bow, and put on the present for a finishing touch.

TU_Holiday_Bubble Wrap-152-X3.jpg

For more Merry Making tips and DIYs, check out our Merry Making section!

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