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Mom Smarts.

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Family Spaces for Less: Kids Closets


A colorful, organized closet brings a smile to our faces. This closet design will simplify your life at clean up and laundry time because you’ll be able to put all of your child’s belongings away effortlessly.

  • Hang inexpensive fabric instead of doors at the opening of the closet
  • Use pom-pom trim as the drapery tie-backs
  • Place color coordinated bins on the shelves for clothing, shoes, toys and books
  • Store bulky items such as blankets, pillows or winter clothing on the top shelf of the closet
  • A woven basket makes for a hamper on the closet floor
  • Place clunky or oversize toys inside the floor of the closet

Here’s how-to achieve this closet for less…


3 Drawer Chest