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More Style Tips from Nick Verreos!

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Nick VerreosTastefully Show Off Your ‘Assets’

There are great, simple fashion tricks to help balance your shape and let you tastefully show off those assets! I love answering this question because small style changes can instantly flatter a figure with a larger bust and reveal sexy (safe for work!) curves.

  • Open up the neckline. This will visually balance your torso. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to expose the “sisters” for everyone to see, but just a hint of a cleavage doesn’t hurt.
  • Showcase the “three-quarter shot”. The three-quarter shot draws focus from the waist up, the area you want to highlight. This is the part of you that your dinner date will see, and guests at an event or party will pay attention to when you’re having a conversation.

Style Suggestions

  • Say YES! To: Open necklines: u-neck, v-neck, scoop neck blouses, shirts, tank tops and sweaters. These tops will expose that sexy clavicle area and balance the top half of your body.
  • Now that you’ve opened up the neckline, you can add a great statement necklace to bring more attention to your beautiful neck and shoulder area.
  • Say NO! To: Cowl tops. These are the tops that feature drapy fabric across the bust; they will add bulk to a busty gal’s already plentiful top half.