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4 Tricks to Make Your Move Way Easier

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When you’re getting ready for a big move, you have a lot on your mind (to say the least). You have to schedule a moving truck, scrounge up some boxes and bubble wrap, pack up all of your stuff,  and decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. YIKES! Thank goodness there’s an answer to “what do I do with all of the clothes I don’t wear anymore and am not going to take with me?” and it starts with “thred” and ends with “UP.”  This is how thredUP can factor in to your move, and make it so. much. better.

Order a Clean Out Kit and Have Less to Move

Start by ordering a Clean Out Kit from thredUP. As you pack up your clothes, put anything you can bear to part with in the bag and ship it to us. Don’t be afraid to be brutal—the more items you send, the fewer you’ll have to take with you! Items we don’t accept will be sold to third-party retailers or textile recyclers, so you don’t have to worry about anything coming back to haunt your closet. Skeletons in your closet, begone!

Earn Some Money to Cover Moving Expenses

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Not only will sending your old clothes to thredUP leave you with less to pack, but you’ll also have more money to cover moving expenses. Use our payout estimator to find out how much you could make. You’ll be paid for some items upfront and others once they sell. Then you can cash out via Paypal and use the money to pay for your moving truck (or whatever else you need).

Sell the Boxes of Clothes Your Kids Have Outgrown

If you have kids, thredUP has even more to offer. Remember all those boxes of outgrown kids’ clothes stacked in your basement? Now you can get rid of them guilt-free! Send any gently-worn items to thredUP, then save the money you earn for your kids’ next growth spurt—or their next sibling. When you can buy like-new baby clothes for up to 90% off retail at thredUP, there’s no reason to hang on to outgrown or out-of-season clothes “just in case.”

Build a New Wardrobe With Great Secondhand Finds

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Jeanette Johnson knows what’s up.

Don’t forget about your own wardrobe. If your moving expenses are already covered, consider storing your payout as credit to be used towards future purchases on thredUP. After all, you may need a few new pieces for your fresh start, especially if you’re moving from a warm climate to a cold one (or vice versa). Once you get settled in your new home, celebrate by filling your closet with some amazing secondhand finds. Let the fun part begin!