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NEW! Buy And Sell Your Socks

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We got you! Happy April Fool’s Day!

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Mismatched socks? Really, guys?

We have no plans to accept socks in the near future.

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Love, the thredUP Family

P.S. Here are some tips to give your sock drawer some love:

  1. Get a mesh zip-up bag and keep it in or near your hamper – put all your dirty socks in there and wash them right in the bag. You’ll find the sock elves claim far fewer socks!
  2. Upcycle your mismatched socks. Here are 62 (!) ways to re-use those singles. 
  3. Just wear mismatched socks. If you’re already pretty quirky, work in a creative field, or just don’t really care, throw caution to the wind and rock a different sock on each foot.
  4. Buy really nice, high-quality socks. This may seem silly, but if you have performance socks that cost a pretty penny, or 100% cashmere socks (oh la la), you’ll be far more likely to keep track of the (pricey) pair. Also, your toes will thank you.
  5. Buy some sandals and just say no to socks.
  6. Fold your socks correctly – it’s not only on Laundry Day that they go missing. Mari Kondo is the queen of folding clothing properly. 
  7. Or you could just ignore all this and shop our new arrivals!