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New Features from thredUP…. we’ve been busy!

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Ever wonder what the team is up to at thredUP HQ? We’re working hard (day and night) on improving the service and building new features just for you! Here are some exciting developments that we think you’ll love…

iPad & iPhone Apps

As a busy mom, you’re constantly on the go. To fit your mobile lifestyle, we recently launched iPhone and iPad apps, so you can thredUP from wherever you are. Now it’s easy to grab the best items before anyone else does! 

Download the app now:




Payout Calculator and Item Resale Details 

One of our top priorities is giving you more visibility into our “clean out” service, and how we select, pay for and resell items. No smoke. No mirrors. Just full transparency into the consignment process and destination of your clothes. We’re one of the first national, online consignment stores (ever!), so there’s a lot we have to figure out and build. We appreciate your patience and are excited to share some of the progress we’ve made! 

Payout Calculator: we’ve built a pricing tool that allows you to see an estimate of how much we’re currently paying for specific brands, categories and sizes. It’s not perfect quite yet, but please give it a test and send any feedback to 


Item Resale Details: we’ve added item-level information on your bag details page, so you can see every item we accepted, how much we paid you, and how much we’re selling it for. We also show you when an item has been sold and finds a new home! Next, we’re working on ways to give you insight into why we didn’t accept particular items. Again if you have any suggestions about what you’d like to see, please send us a note:

If you’ve sent us a bag and we have processed it recently, you can find these details here:  – the ### is the number of your bag. 



Search Filters

It’s important to us that you can easily find the clothes you need in our shop. To make shopping on thredUP faster, we’ve added search filters where you can type the brands and categories (jeans, shorts etc.) you’re looking for. 

Check it out:



More to Come

We hope you are excited about these new features, and can’t wait to bring you more. Again, w