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9 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet

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We believe that New Year’s resolutions should be realistic and ownable to YOU. Not something that makes you feel bad every time you inevitably quit following them. A new year is a perfect time to make the shift to thrift. A new mindset. A closet refresh. A thriving life. Here are some ideas that are truly easy to stick to and will make you feel GOOD all year long.

Top 9 New Year’s Goals

1. Find a creative outlet. Adulting is hard. Take an art class, learn to play guitar, find out how to grow succulents. Trying something new always sparks even more creativity in your life.


Photo Credit: Rocky Barnes

2. Celebrate the small victories in your life. Do more happy dances. Maybe you didn’t get the promotion but you nailed the presentation. Recognize all the good you are bringing. Do a little self-reflection at the end of each day and focus on what you did right.

3. Stay flexible. Things don’t always go as planned, but if you go with the flow you’ll bounce back faster. In start-up land, we call this pivoting. One idea we think is great (but turns out not to be) turns into a totally different great idea.

4. Chillax on the couch and don’t feel bad about it. In some circles, that’s called meditating. This means no phone, no TV, just you. Letting your thoughts flow releases superpowers in your brain. One person’s lazy is another person’s breakthrough moment.


Photo Credit: Lifestyle Meditation

5. Practice self-care. You probably hear a lot about this on Instagram and think it’s self-indulgent hippie stuff. It’s not. It’s time for YOU. You will be a better mom, wife, partner, employee, person if you carve out some time for yourself. Go for that walk, make that acupuncture appointment, take that yoga class.

6. Always have something to look forward to. This could be a girls’ getaway, family trip, or just a fun weekend activity. Put some things on the calendar every month. Research shows that 80% of the fun is in the planning.


Did someone say Girls’ Weekend?! Photo credit: The Faux Fancy

7. Do something for others. This can take many forms. Donate money, volunteer your time, teach someone a skill. Nothing feels better. Small moments each day add up to a lot. Always be kinder than necessary.

8. Be mindful of your impact. Buy secondhand whenever possible. Follow the top 3 R’s: Refuse, Reuse, Recycle. And bring your bags to the grocery store! It’s an easy one that we all forget to do.

9. And of course, shop secondhand. Start thinking thrifty right now and shop secondhand for all your new-year needs and wants. A closet refresh is the perfect way to reset your style. Ideas below!

Designer Brands
Treat yourself to designer goods with non-designer-y prices. Go on, we won’t tell.

New with Tags
Protect the planet and don’t shop retail when you can find brand-new clothes at thredUP!

Cute Sneaks
Hit your goals—whether you’re running a marathon or just watching one.

Style Under $10
Save money and shop everyday basics and wardrobe staples for a whole lot less.

Order a Clean Out Bag 
Get organized and clean out your closet. Sell or donate the clothes you no longer wear.

What’s your approach to New Year’s resolutions? Do you love ‘em or hate ‘em? Tell us in the comments below!