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Nick VerreosYou asked and Nick answered!

1. “Would love for him to give examples of great summer to fall transition pieces” – Joelle

Hi Joelle! Thanks for the great question! We are officially into fall, though it might not feel like it in some parts of the country – so this is a perfect topic to discuss. Here are my “Nick Tips” for you:

Add Tights to Your Summer Dresses

Dresses were big for Spring/Summer and I’m sure you have several light chiffon or cotton voile pieces in your closet. These were great for that summer weekend in 110 degree Palm Springs, but what do you do when it’s now 65 degrees? Just add tights or leggings! You’ll still have that casual summer chic feeling, but you won’t be chilly (or get glances from people on the street wondering why you are still dressed for summer). I’m guessing you already own several pairs of tights or leggings, so you can transition your closet from summer to fall overnight.

Nick Verreos 1photo credits:, H&M, 

Accessorize to Blend Summer and Fall Style

My second summer-fall transition suggestion involves accessories, in particular, shoes. You might want to keep wearing that lightweight summer frock or even your favorite denim shorty-shorts, and you can — just swap out your sandals for booties or riding boots. And if the temp gets cool enough, pull on a pair of knee-length boots to add a fall style twist to your basic t-shirt and skinny jeans look.

Nick Verreos 2photo credits: Zara tall boots, Acne boots (outfit styled on GlamBistro), TopShop riding boots

Jacket Vests!

A third transition suggestion is to keep wearing those great jacket vests that were UBER popular this Spring/Summer. These are cut longer and looser than a traditional long-sleeve jacket with lapels. For summer, these were great with a tank top underneath, and in the fall, you can wear them with long sleeve blouses or t-shirts.

Nick Verreos 3photo credits: ASOS sleeveless jacket and sleeveless blazer

The Easiest Way: Throw on a Scarf!

Not a silky Hermes wrap, but a knit or cotton/wool one that you can wrap around your neck for warmth and style. I love “infinity scarves,” the scarves that are already draped, so all you need to do is put it throw it around your neck like a necklace!

Nick Verreos 4photo credits: floral scarf on Nordstom, infinity scarf on Nordstrom, MaxMara scarf on thredUP

2. “I love prints but I’m stumped on how to effectively mix them w/o looking like an eyesore. Any tips on mixing prints?” — Shervon

I get asked this style question often, and I have the answer! When mixing prints, make sure to stay within the SAME COLOR FAMILY. In other words, if your top is a blue floral print, then your bottom (skirt or pants) should be in the same shade of blue or a complimentary one. If you have blue and white striped pants, you can pair them with a violet blue floral.

And just one more “Nick Tip” when it comes to mixing prints: alternate the sizes of your printed garments. What I mean by that is don’t wear pants with a large floral print paired with a large striped top. Instead pair the large floral print pants with a top that has thin stripes (or vice versa). And if your shape is more pear-like, keep the smaller print on the bottom and the bigger print up top for a most flattering look.

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