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Try the #NoNewClothes Challenge with the thredUP Team!

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Did you know that we’re buying clothes more than ever, but keeping them for HALF as long? Or that an item typically gets less than five wears before it’s thrown out? With so many items passing from factory to closet to landfill, it’s no surprise fashion is the second-most polluting industry!

So what if we all bought secondhand clothes instead? If every garment was given a second life, we would reduce gas emissions by 73%. That’s just a single year, people! We’re far from a perfect waste-free world, but what better time to look ahead to a thriftier future than Secondhand Month? That’s why we’re launching the #NoNewClothes Challenge!


In honor of Secondhand Month, we’re inviting our amazing community (that’s you!) to minimize their eco footprint by doing more with what’s already in their closets or by shopping thrift for a whole month.

The rules are simple: Do not buy any new clothes for the entire month of August (unless it’s thrifted, of course). Get involved and show off your Secondhand Month #OOTDs or thrifty finds with us by tagging your posts with #NoNewClothes and #secondhandfirst! We’re excited to see what you do with your closet. Get creative, you might get featured! 😉

To kick us off, we’ve called the thredUP team to step up to the plate. Some are secondhand veterans, some are super shopaholics, and some are novices who have never thrifted before! Read about some of our staffers who are taking the #NoNewClothes pledge including their hesitations, their top thrift finds, and maybe even some handy thredUP shopping tips!

Lauren, Senior Designer


Any hesitations about the challenge? Honestly, I LOVE shopping and I LOVE shopping new; mostly because I’m not a treasure hunter. I like a very curated shopping experience where I have a limited section to choose from so I don’t get overwhelmed. Digging to find that special treasure 30 pages in is not my thing. I’m a little nervous because I have a trip to Vancouver coming up and I really need to buy a few warm weather things. 

How often do you shop retail vs. resale? I usually shop new two times a month. Potentially once a week if I’m just buying items here and there. I usually like to save up and do a shopping spree where I essentially refresh my whole wardrobe every month. It makes me feel new and refreshed. I don’t really thrift, 2% of my closet is secondhand…

Why is that? My main reason for not doing it more often is the digging aspect of thrifting. I will say though, as much as I love to shop, I do try to stay away from too many fast fashion brands. It’s a huge drain on the planet and a lot of the workers producing these garments are being compensated unfairly. Shopping secondhand helps the planet and also my wallet. I just need to get over that digging hump.

Madeline, Organic Growth Manager


Why do you buy secondhand? So many reasons! I am SO much more adventurous and daring with my style when I shop secondhand. Why? I’ll take a bigger risk if the item didn’t cost all that much… AND it doesn’t feel wasteful to buy something I’m on the fence about. It already needed a new home anyway!

Are you nervous about the challenge? Yes! What if I see a majorly good sale online for something NEW? EEK! But also, I’ll be fine. 😉 Some of the wardrobe items I’m currently craving can definitely be found secondhand: cute skirts for work, fun pants, and a wedding guest dress are all on my list.

What’s your best style tip? Know what you want. Trust your instincts. Stop caring what other people think and do you. Dress for yourself (and your book club).

Rinitha, Operation Analyst Intern


Do you feel nervous at all about the challenge? Not Really. I’m actually trying to keep myself from buying new clothes because I have far too many and use far too little. I guess the only thing I’d be nervous about is that I’ve never really shopped secondhand before.

What’s keeping you from thrifting? I’m kind of a hygiene freak. So my primary concern is “Where has it been?” The previous owner could have been anyone and that bothers me a little. But I need to get over that because I know it’s all in my head. I know that once you wash something, it’s as good as new. I would love to get over my hesitation and purchase secondhand as I would save a lot of money.

Lindsay, Merchandising Marketing Manager


How are you feeling about the challenge? I’m excited. Limiting myself to one shop that has every single brand will definitely simplify my fall shopping. Plus, I will feel guilt free! Buying new always racks me with guilt, I’m worried I spent too much and I’m being reckless with the environment.

Speaking of fall shopping, what’s the one thing to thrift for transitional outfits? It’s all about the bootie for me. I think so many items become perfect for a fall outfit when paired with a bootie. Like a summer dress, when paired with a bootie, blazer and maybe a scarf, it’s totally perfect for fall.

What’s been your top thredUP find? Booties! I bought a pair of Sigerson Morrison booties new two years ago that I loved! I wore them until there were actual holes in the bottom and finally had to get rid of them which I was really bummed about. I was recently browsing shoes in my size on thredUP and found them in PERFECT condition and about a third of the price they originally were. I bought them immediately and can’t wait to bring my favorite bootie back into my wardrobe.

Dianne, Senior Retention Manager


What do you like about shopping secondhand? Honestly, I don’t feel deprived when I shop secondhand online. A lot of thrifted clothes are just as nice/very similar quality, I’ve been able to find designer pieces I love at the fraction of the price, and I’m softening my carbon footprint. Win, win, win…

What’s your top tip for shopping on thredUP? Take advantage of email search alerts. And I’m not just saying that because I’m an email marketer. thredup search alerts are the best thing ever. I have specific alerts that email me about new arrivals from my favorite, more obscure brands. I also do a little bit of research on which brands make the best classic pieces like pumps or little black dresses and make filtered search alerts for all of those. Then when new arrivals come in, the email does all the digging for me! 

Brandy, Art Director


Ready for this challenge? I only have a little bit of hesitation because my mom will be visiting from the East Coast in August, and we love to shop together! I also enjoy buying new clothes for my daughter, so I will have to hold back on updating her wardrobe during this time (unless it’s thrifted of course!).

What’s your most memorable find? Brown suede, super worn-in cowboy boots. I wear them once a week or more. Found them at the Alameda Flea market years ago covered in dust. Purchased for about $10. Cleaned them up and they fit like a glove. I have re-soled them twice and have had to patch up the toes a couple times, but they are still going strong!

Caught the #NoNewClothes bug? Great! Join our staff in making a sustainable statement by not buying new clothes for a whole month. Thrift often for things you gotta have, or get more wears out of your current closet. Unsure of how to maximize your wardrobe? Start here for some styling inspiration from our styleUP “5 Ways to Wear” series for dresses, T-shirts, skirts, and shorts

Don’t forget to share your Secondhand Month #OOTDs or thrifty finds with us by tagging your IG posts with #NoNewClothes and #secondhandfirst