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#NoNewClothes WrapUP: How Did You Do?

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Wow, what a whirlwind of a month! In celebration of Secondhand Day and National Thrift Store Day, we took August by storm with a thriftaganza! Although we’re nearing the end of the month, let’s keep the momentum going with a #NoNewClothes Challenge update!

In case you missed it, we invited our amazing community (you!) and our very own thredUP staffers to take the #NoNewClothes challenge. We asked everyone to minimize their eco footprint by doing more with what’s already in their closets or by shopping thrift for a whole month.

That  month has passed and now we’re checking in with how our challengers did! Plus, we interview two thredUP staffers who are going the extra mile and taking a WHOLE year off from new clothes. Read on to discover and get inspired by their stories.

Lauren, Senior Designer


Sooo, how’d you do?

I actually did really awesome if I do say so myself. I didn’t buy a SINGLE brand new piece of clothing.

That’s not to say I wasn’t ever tempted! I went on a little shopping date with a friend because she was looking for a dress to wear to a party. I have been wanting a modern fanny pack and when we were in the store I spotted the most AMAZING one. I *almost* relapsed and bought it, but I didn’t. Gold star for me.

Tell us about your favorite #NoNewClothes challenge outfit!

I got an AMAZING striped tee with an embroidered pocket. It’s from a collab with Madewell and Sézane. Sézane is a favorite brand among bloggers, it’s probably more popular now then when the collab was first released. I was so happy to snag it for $16.99, when it was originally $60.

The strappy block heels and skirt are things I had in my closet that I hadn’t worn in months! I finally brushed off the cobwebs and started rocking them. I had forgotten how much I loved both pieces, it almost felt like they were brand new again.

What did your friends/family think of the challenge?

They really didn’t think I could do it. They are actually still in shock! I had a great time, I really learned how to curate thredUP to make it work for me.

Madeline, Organic Growth Manager


What was your favorite thrift find of the month?

I found an ADORABLE Forever 21 dress for a wedding I had to go to for just $9.99!!! It retailed for about $35 so I saved money, but also, I felt and looked amazing at the wedding. For. Ten. Dollars.

Do you think you could do a year of JUST thrift?

Yes! I would definitely opt for some New With Tags items from thredUP, but that totally counts, right?

Did your friends/family join in on the fun?

I go secondhand shopping with my family (including my husband!), so they were very supportive and even went shopping with me.

Rinitha, Operation Analyst Intern


Did you have any moments of temptation? 

I managed to not purchase ANY clothing! I made a pact with myself to not fill my closet anymore. In fact, I ordered a Clean Out Kit and sent out some old clothes to thredUP!

Did you fall back in love with something in your closet?

That denim jacket I spoke earlier about, haha. I didn’t have many jacket options at that time and this was my best option. I realized that it’s actually super comfortable. It has these pockets that I always shove my hands into whenever I don’t know what to do with them (which is always). Definitely going to wear it more often from now on!

Do you think you could do a year of JUST thrift? Why/why not?

Hmm.. I think right now, probably not. Maybe in a few years when I’ve gotten more comfortable with thrifting. SO many people from the thredUP team almost exclusively shop thrift, so I could definitely see secondhand taking up a bigger part of my closet. I’m still quite new to the idea of shopping thrift, but I’ll get there!

Lindsay, Merchandising Marketing Manager


Were you ever tempted to shop retail?

I had one small slip up! I lost my sun hat and needed one ASAP for a beach trip the next day! I was bummed about it but I made up for it with all my other secondhand purchases. The hat was definitely my least favorite buy of the month.

Tell us about one style challenge you faced this month.

I had to buy a dress for a wedding. I’m in the ceremony so the couple getting married had to approve my dress. Pressure! I knew I needed a floral floor-length dress that worked in a Joshua Tree setting. It seemed really specific and I worried I wouldn’t find anything quite right. I was so wrong. I pretty quickly found a Mara Hoffman dress that was perfect. I loved it, the couple loved it, and I got it for $120 (it was originally $450!!)!

Do you think you’ll shop differently from now on?

I really enjoyed searching for unique secondhand items and I feel like my closet ended the month a lot more interesting than the way it started.

I definitely intend on continuing to shop secondhand way more. The items I got feel a lot more special than normal and the value was just so good. I also loved being constantly on the hunt, it was like a fun game I was playing all month. I might not stick with 100% secondhand but I’m thinking about doing 15% new and 85% secondhand.

Dianne, Senior Retention Manager


Tell us about one style challenge you faced this month.

It wasn’t too bad. I did have a wedding I had to attend but luckily I already had a dress in my closet that I hadn’t worn yet that was in the right color for their theme. It was a peach off-shoulder ASOS dress, it was like it was waiting for its debut!

What’s your most important takeaway from this challenge?

Fashion trends are pretty cyclical. If you’re willing to dig a bit you can always riff on “new styles” using secondhand finds.

What did your friends/family think of the challenge? 

They couldn’t even tell since everything I was wearing looked new. But it was fun revealing to them when they would ask about an outfit I wore and I told them it was secondhand.

Brandy, Art Director


What was your favorite thrift find of the month? 

I saved a lot this month on the purchases I made for myself and my daughter, yaaahooo!

For me, my fave find was a black and white striped shirt dress from Madewell (I saved $90!) and a pair of vintage-inspired Nike sneakers (half off!). I am a little obsessed with this Nike style, so I was super excited to get notified by thredUP when a pair dropped from someone else’s cart.

For my daughter, I found a handful of things. Cute Stride Rite boots, a bold printed Hanna Andersson Dress, a H&M jean jacket, but the best find was a new with tags Tuga wetsuit for just $20.99! I had been looking for a kids’ wetsuit to take to a trip to Stinson Beach, so she could play in the cold Northern California ocean without freezing. I couldn’t believe I found one in her size and brand new on thredUP. It worked perfectly and she was able to splash and play in the surf without turning into a popsicle.

Did you fall back in love with something in your closet?

As I was digging through (and shopping) my own closet this month, I found a few things that were actually hiding in a suitcase. I had simply missed unpacking them after a trip awhile back. What a great discovery!

Do you think you could do a year of JUST thrift?

Even though I do get just as excited about my thrifted versus brand new purchases, I know there will be times when a new style or print will really grab my attention or that I will not want to purchase used (socks, underwear, shoes sometimes). It would be hard to always say no to new. I could see myself easily thrifting for a majority of the year though and save my brand new retail purchases for things that are a necessity or super rare or special.

A Year of #NoNewClothes!

Let’s kick it up a notch! These two thredUP staffers are taking a year-long break with new clothes. In addition to saving their wallets, they’re also saving the planet. Woo!

Kelly, EA / Office Manager


Did you fall back in love with something in your closet?

A pair of brown Frye oxfords that I (sadly) forgot I had because I am a shoe hoarder. Ive worn them about 10 times since I found them!

Have you been tempted to shop retail since starting the challenge? What do you miss about it?

I started shopping solely secondhand on 7/1 with one exception. I needed to buy a raincoat for an upcoming trip. Because I was looking for something so specific (black, packable, must fit over a down jacket…) I ended up at a few brick and mortar stores and you know I cant resist a sale rack! I made it out without buying anything extra but definitely a challenge.

What’s been your most important takeaway so far?

That I have more than enough clothes! It has also forced me to use my sewing skills which I appreciate. On week two, I snagged a favorite pair of pants and was able to save them when I otherwise may have just replaced them.

Do you think you’ll keep it up for more than a year?

Maybe? Or I might limit shopping to once a year? There are a few things I wear ALL THE TIME that I will probably replace after this as they will likely not make it longer than a year.

Casandra, Customer Service Supervisor


Tell us about your fave #NoNewClothes challenge outfit of the month. 

I’m a big sucker for fit and flare dresses, so when I found this retro number at a resale shop I couldn’t resist. The ultra feminine silhouette makes me feel super confident, and it’s really hard to have a bad day when you’re wearing a bold floral print!

Did you fall back in love with something in your closet?

Through this challenge I rediscovered my love for maxi dresses! The silhouette always felt too dramatic for me to pull off, so all of my favorites just sat in my closet. Once I started pairing them with my broken in high top sneakers and favorite leather biker jacket I couldn’t stop wearing them. Now bold maxi dresses complete my go-to outfits on days where I want to achieve maximum glam with minimal effort.

How has this challenge changed the way you look at your closet?

I’m starting to really think before I shop in ways that I never used to before. At the end of the day, I want to spend my money on things that bring me joy from companies that support causes that are important to me. Shopping with thredUP allows me to fulfill my personal mission without sacrificing my love for playing dress up!

Do you think you’ll keep it up for more than a year?

Absolutely! I can’t really imagine buying anything new again when I know that there are already so many amazing pieces out there.

Did you take the #NoNewClothes Challenge with us? We’re dying to know! Comment below and tell us how you did and whether you’ll continue!