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Our Back-to-School Rewards Program

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Our CEO and co-founder, James Reinhart, was a teacher before starting thredUP and was always amazed by how hard parents (moms especially!) work to get their kids ready to head back to school. We wanted to acknowledge this hard work and treat mom after the hectic back to school preparations. Last year we tested a program called Back-To-You where moms earned cash back for themselves on every item they purchased for their kids.

We’re pleased to announce that this program is back by popular demand! Between July 7th and September 15th, moms will earn 10% back on every item they purchase for their kids. Consider it our way of saying thanks for all your tireless work, and know that a little shopping spree (for you!) awaits.

We’ll calculate how much you’ve earned and send an email notifying you of the credit that has been issued to your account on October 3. You’ll have until December 31st to redeem the credit in the women’s shop. Please note that credit will not be earned on kids’ items that have been returned.

Happy Back To School shopping!