Published on march 8, 2018

Our Best Dressed List Dishes Out Career Tips Like Nobody’s Business

written by Team thredUP

The most fashionable women in America define success by their own measures. We asked them the question: What do you love most about your job? Read the personal stories from over a dozen of our Best Dressed, along with a trove of must-read career advice.

Lauren Chan, Fashion Editor and Plus-Size Model


“I’ve spent the past three years at Glamour advocating for size diversity. Sometimes my job makes me feel like I lead two separate lives. Being a fashion editor lets me shape and create content while being a model lets me bring other peoples’ vision to life. The best part of my work is that I get to experience both sides of the coin.”

Rebecca Stafford, Social Media Coordinator, Serena and Lily


“There’s more than meets the eye working in social media. You have to be confident in promoting a brand’s aesthetic while tracking what your audience is engaging with and responding to the most. I love having the balance of working with creative and inspiring content while digging into the analytics that ultimately drives success and growth on social media. It’s a constantly evolving job that lets me learn something new every day—what’s not to love!”


Jamie Glassman, Health and Fitness Coach


“I love the people I meet and the connections I make with my clients. I love watching them transform mentally and physically.  There’s nothing more rewarding than helping people feel good about themselves and inspiring them to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

Dani Arps, Interior Designer


“I love that my job allows me to express and push myself creatively.  I’m constantly learning!”


Sarah Schulweis, Small Business Consultant


“I technically made up my job, so I guess I’ve always dressed for the job I wanted! I believe in having a few really good pieces that make me feel strong and powerful (a flattering top, good pair of jeans, statement clogs) and building interchangeable basics around those pieces depending on how casual my day is. I like dressing up for my clients, it makes me feel like I’m honoring them and taking the work they’re doing with me seriously.”


Kimberly Drew, Writer


“I love that I have a direct role in how history is constructed. It’s an honor, privilege, and responsibility that I take very seriously.”

Raven Chiara, Creative Design Manager, GoGo squeeZ


“My career as a Graphic Designer has many aspects I love but doing creative & fun things every single day has got to be the best part.”

Kristin Moller, Publicist


“Working in travel public relations, every day is different. You can be behind the scenes of a photoshoot on the beach, hosting a black-tie event, running a big board meeting, flying to visit a client and taking a workout class with journalist friends—all in course of one week! It’s important to me to be able to feel put together and comfortable at work—no matter what the scenario calls for that day. I think it’s important to always dress confidently, wear clothes that make you feel good and you will radiate that confidence. Our office tends to be a little more casual, but in today’s workplace you can definitely look and feel professional in good fitting jeans, a great blouse/ blazer and killer shoes. It doesn’t always need to be a little black dress.”


Erica Schutz, Stay at Home Mom


“Being a mom is full of so many amazing moments. The laughter, snuggles, and daily smiles make my day. Laundry must be my least favorite part of the job and unfortunately, it’s never ending! I believe that God designs each of us so differently and makes us a perfect fit for our lives. My younger son has a rare genetic condition and my love of staying home and focusing on the kids has been perfect for this special needs life. My son requires a lot of daily help and our weeks are full of therapy and doctor’s appointments. Being a special needs parent can be exhausting and lonely and full of daily challenges, but I wouldn’t trade this life for anything! These challenges that we face as a family are also the ones that have filled my life with miracles, thankfulness and a daily sense of adventure. I’m beyond humbled every day to raise my two boys. With busy boys and days full of errands, appointments and chores, I need clothes that are comfortable and durable but also feel put together and purposeful. With most of my time focused on the kids or the house, date nights are a must! Time with my wonderful husband keeps me rested and encouraged so I always look forward to dressing up, too!”


Kristen Choi, Brand Experience Manager, mindbodygreen


“I am working at a place that is mission-driven and focused on bringing health to all. I love that I get to work with brands that I believe in and am personally a consumer of.”

Maria Del Russo, Writer


“What would I tell my younger self? To stop trying to plan things so much! I’m kind of a control freak in everything that I do, and if things don’t go according to plan, I have the tendency to melt down. 10 years ago, I saw my life looking very differently than it does now. But the life I have now is one I couldn’t imagine not living. So, I’d tell myself to relax, let go, and that the universe is on it. I’m right where I’m meant to be, and it took a while for me to recognize that.”

​Kate O’Neill​, Business & Tech Author, Keynote Speaker


“I love that I get to influence how people think, and help businesses make better decisions about how they interact with customers. But I’ll admit that even more than that, I love that my job entails so much travel—I can tack on a day or two wherever ​my work takes me, whether it’s Seattle or London, to explore on my own. As often as possible, my husband coordinates his work with my gigs or I coordinate mine with his, ​ ​and we travel together when we can. It’s a fantastic perk.”


Jeanette Johnson, Blogger, J’s Everyday Fashion


“I love being able to connect with women across the world and talk about personal style. The sociology of fashion and the way we dress ourselves fascinates me, and many of those stories made their way into my book.”

Gisel Luna, Blogger, Mint and Thrift


“Get yourself a mentor, work on your confidence, and know your value. If you don’t, no one else will.

As a serial over-dresser, I subscribe to dressing for the job you want, and not the job you have. In addition to talent, being a snappy dresser leaves positive first impressions that last!”


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