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9 Times We Cared About The Super Bowl

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In honor of Super Bowl Sunday—also known as our favorite excuse to throw a watch party,  eat a lot of hors d’oeuvres (French for buffalo chicken dip), and shop on our phones—we’ve concocted a list of some stellar moments from years past and present. OK you got us. The first three are about Beyoncé… so?

1. When the power went out during Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, but Beyoncé still stole the show.

2. And then when she stole the show again three years later at Super Bowl 50, even though the headliner was Coldplay. #bowdown

3. When Beyoncé announced she was pregnant with twins less than a week before the Super Bowl LI.


4. When we decided there were no rules about how to dress for the Super Bowl, and there was an athletic curation for all the sporty gals and a casual sort for all those determined to stay comfy.

5. When Buzzfeed came out with the best Super Bowl snacks. Shoutout to chipotle beer and shrimp quesadillas, because nothing sounds better on game day.


Oh yeah, and DIY Bloomin’ Onions, too. Sign us right up.


6. When we gave you a step-by-step list on how to throw the best Super Bowl party ever. You’re welcome.

7. When we suggested (right now, right here) that you break out a game of football trivia at the party. Even more fun? Get some cheap prizes to give out to the winner and runners-up, thinking football player bobble-heads and jerseys. Want more party games? This comprehensive list is incredible.

8. When we gave you fashion tips and tricks for 2017 that you can peruse during when you’re bored (for some us that’s during the game, for others it’s the commercials, for most it’s when the snacks run out)!

9. When you were browsing thredUP on your phone and came across the steal of the century. Oh wait, that’s RIGHT NOW. Download our app and get shoppin’.

Comment with your favorite Super Bowl tradition! 🙂