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Polka Dot Box Craft Challenge – Family Flash Cards

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In honor of Earth Day, we have challenged some of our favorite DIY and Green bloggers to create their best craft using (not to mention, recycling!) our unique polka dot thredUP box!  Each day this week, we will be featuring a different blogger and their creative DIY box craft.

On Friday, April 26th, you wil have a chance to vote for your favorite!  The winning blogger will receive a $200 gift card to a craft store of her choice PLUS an exclusive thredUP discount to share with her readers.  We will also be giving away (2) $25 thredUP gift cards to two random voters.  


by Gretchen Bossio from That Mama Gretchen

polka dot craft 2

These days many of our crafts revolve around my daughter’s interests. At 2 1/2 that usually means animals or anything purple, but lately she has become a bit obsessed with the alphabet and talking nonstop about all her favorite family members.

For our thredUP recycling project I decided to mix these two recent interests and whip up some sturdy family flash cards. Because we all know, regular ol’ flash cards don’t fair too long in toddlerland, especially when a baby brother is crawling around putting everything in his mouth! This little project doesn’t take much explanation, but here it goes …


–  One 4×6 close-up photo of each family member with their name printed o