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Pssst…New Beta Features. Photos & more!

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We just launched three exciting beta features on thredUP that we know you’ll love. Drum roll please…. 


1) Photos. Are. Here. BAM!

You asked (and asked and asked) and we listened. You can now include photos with every box you list on thredUP. The photo feature is still in beta and there’s much work to be done, but we hope you’ll test it out and provide some early feedback.

Here’s how it works: start building a box and you’ll see an option to email images.  Simply take photos of the items in your box and attach them in an email to the address provided. The images will appear immediately when they’ve finished uploading.  


If you want to see what your box looks like with photos, just type the box number into our browse search bar. Pretty awesome, right?! We hope this makes it even more fun to share outgrown clothes and find like-new ones your child will love 🙂



2)  Introducing “The thredUP Shop” (super, super beta)

The team at thredUP has been working hard (like all-nighters, hard) on “The thredUP Shop” – a marketplace of secondhand kids clothing items. Check it out and find thousands of pre-loved items with great photos, all certified by thredUP’s expert consignors.

Keep in mind this is version 1 and please be patient with us! These items come from a variety of sources, including Concierge bags, and we’re currently collecting data on pricing to determine how low we can realistically go. During this exclusive beta period, The thredUP Shop is available to existing members only – you can’t find it without logging in.  We hope you’ll participate as a beta tester and we look forward to your early feedback:


We truly believe this single item marketplace will complement our already thriving swap community, giving you even more ways to save money on children’s clothing.  If you didn’t already know, our mission at thredUP is to give every kids clothing item a second chance. We know this marketplace is yet another step in the right direction…

3) Gifting Picks

We’ve built the ability for Super Thredders to gift picks to other thredUP members! Simply head to your account settings, enter an email address and number of picks you’d like to give.  You can’t cash out or trade for credit – but it’s a great way to share the thredUP love 🙂