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Real Mom Spotlight: Keonté Smith

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Meet Keonté Smith! Mama of two, author of blog Mommy2k, and thredUP Ambassador. In this edition of Real Moms, we got Keonté to spill the beans on life as a stylish mommy blogger and all-around-multitasker.

What’s your go-to look during the week? Do you have a M-F uniform that you like?
I am dress-obsessed. It’s the one article of clothing that I can always count on. As a mom, I need versatility, comfort, style and efficiency rolled all into one. A dress combines all of these things, all while giving me the flexibility to go casual or completely chic. Most days, you will find me in a dress. So, I would consider this to be my uniform.

real-mom-thredup-keonte-mom-styleMornings can be hectic with kids in the house, do you have any quick beauty tips for busy moms?
I’m at home with my toddler during the day. When we do go out, lip gloss and mascara do wonders. I do not wear a lot of makeup on weekdays; I reserve that for the special outings and weekends. But, I have found that when I add these items to my look, I feel put together. I also encourage moms to ditch the sweatpants (unless it’s a cool pair of joggers) and t-shirts. Grab a pair of leggings (these are a must-have…don’t let anyone tell you differently), a tank and a colorful cardigan. Top it off with a stylish sandal or sneaker and an over-sized bag and sunglasses. Simple pops of color, as well as accessories, are always an easy way to spice up any outfit.

What items are on your wish list for summer? Is there a specific investment piece you plan to splurge on?
Kimonos. Denim shorts. Floral anything. Neon. Maxi dresses. Fun sandals. This could take me through the entire summer for sure.

If I was going to splurge on anything, it would be a handbag; a handbag that is classic and can be relevant at anytime. It would most likely be in a camel color and in the style of a satchel, my two favorite components for purse-buying. It has to be enormous because I double my purse as a diaper bag. My makeup and wallet are often sharing space with baby wipes and a sippy cup.


If you could go back and give yourself advice during the first six months of motherhood, what advice would you give?
Don’t forget you! I know it’s easy to get absorbed in the joys (and pains) of motherhood and neglect our own needs. But, take a moment to shower, put on a lovely outfit, throw on some makeup and be yourself. Even though your body is bouncing back to its original form (or not), embrace the new canvas that you have to paint. Motherhood is such a beautiful thing. Don’t spend so much time on finding flaws; find a way to take away their power.


What’s your most precious mom memory so far? 
There are so many. I think each day that I see my two boys – a teen (13) and a toddler (2) – I am overwhelmed with happiness. To see my oldest son take his little brother under his wing (and taunt him) is such a joy to watch. I can’t help but wonder how their relationship will blossom as they journey through life as friends and partners. There are just so many memories that I look forward to making with them.

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