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Recycling Baby Food Jars

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A few months ago, when my son started eating solids, I felt like we were being overrun by empty baby food jars.  They were constantly piling up next to the sink and our recycling bin was overflowing with them every Thursday morning when I dragged it out to the curb for pickup.  I always felt like there should be some way for me to be re-using these cute little glass containers.  Compared to all the disposable plastic out there, something about glass seems too durable and valuable to be simply thrown away!  So, I gave it some thought, asked around, and did some research. Truth is, there are a ton of suggestions out there.  The key for me, though, was to find recycling ideas that I would actually put to use!  So here are a few of the ideas I like best.  And yes, I really have done these things.  


1-   SPICE HOLDERS– I love making my own spice mixtures and the jars make perfect containers for them.  I either keep them for myself or throw a pretty label and a bow on them and give them as gifts.

2-   HOT CHOCOLATE IN A JAR – Makes a cute gift!  Put one cup serving of hot cocoa mix in a jar.  Fill to the top with miniature marshmallows and cover jar tightly.   Wrap a ribbon around the job of the jar and tie a bow.  You can also tie a small candy cane to the side.   Print out the following directions and include with your gift:

Hot Chocolate in a Jar
To warm yourself on a cold afternoon
pour this jar of chocolate and marshmallows
into a cup of hot water. Stir it all
together using the candy cane and enjoy!

3-   ROOT PLANTS – Cut a branch off of a plant and place it in a jar filled with water.  In a few weeks, roots will grow and new plant will be started!

4-   BABY SHOWER FAVORS – Seems fitting, right?  Fill jars with candy, loose tea, bath salts, etc. and tie a pretty ribbon around the top. 

5-   REUSE AS A FOOD CONTAINER – Pretty obvious, right?  Baby food jars are made to be re-sealed so they’re the perfect way to store your favorite salad dressing when packing your lunch. 

6-   ORGANIZE YOUR SMALL STUFF – Fill your empty jars with spare buttons, paper clips, hair pins, rubber bands, spare change, etc.