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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week

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Hey all you thredUP peeps! The weather is changing, the days are shorter, and it’s time to curl up and be oh-so-cozy this weekend. While you’re at it, check out these links we found from around the web this week. And as always, tweet at us or leave a comment if we missed anything noteworthy — we’re always in the mood to chat.

Here at thredUP we’re starting a fun new weekly Instagram challenge called #fashionUPfriday. Take a peek, take a snap, and enter it to win $30 dollars shopping cred on our site! (Tip: Make sure your insta’s not private, so we can see your awesome photos and enter you into the contest!)

DIY tip of the week: embroider a box with cacti designs. Simple and irresistibly adorable, we highly recommend it. [Delineate your Dwelling]

The driest place on earth – the Atacama Desert – is full of beautiful pink flowers after a year of heavy rainfall. Does this mean Seattle will soon be covered in sand dunes?! [The Washington Post]

GASP! Looks like Girl Scout cookies will be a dollar more expensive this year. C’est la vie, we will continue to love and buy Samoas ’til the day we die. [Forbes]

ROFL-alert: a plane full of goats was forced to land because of… drum roll please… farts. That’s all folks, happy Friday! [People]