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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week

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It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving week! You had better satisfy all your pumpkin-flavor cravings now, because soon it will be peppermint everything. (Can’t wait.) Here are a few links we found around the web this week. Tweet at us if we forgot anything, or if you just want to chat.

We’re getting excited for A Very Murry Christmas – staring George Clooney, Chris Rock, Miley Cyrus, Amy Poehler, Jason Schwartzman, Michael Cera, Maya Rudolph and Rashida Jones. This film begs the question: who is NOT in this movie?! [Deadline]

Looks like drinking coffee may lead to a longer life. Coffee fanatics, rejoice! (We won’t lie, we had a mini dance party in the office when our CEO James shared this article with us.) [NPR]

 E. Coli outbreaks from Chipotle food. So it looks like we can drink more coffee, but should avoid Chipotle for a hot sec while they get this straightened out. [Reuters]

Pack these five essentials for holiday travel. Thanks, Refinery29!

This mom finished her college exam while in the throws of labor. We’re speechless. #badassmoms, indeed. [Time]