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roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week

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Now that it’s officially 2016, we’re back in action and feeling ready to… read everything on the internet and tell you what’s most awesome. Looking to make a change… or just make a cake? Read on!

Thinking about making a career change this new year? Consult the stars! Marie Claire’s astrological career guide does just that.

The 2k16 updated Dietary Guidelines from the US Government is out. NPR‘s takeaway? Say no to sugar and yes to (some) red meat. And then we found this strawberry coconut cheesecake which looks divine… go figure. [Lauren Conrad]

While we’re on the subject of eating delicious things, Food’s Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese bites look incredible.

More indulgent news: There’s going to be a Full House reboot, Fuller House! We’re already sold. The first look photos of the cast all grown up were just released. [US Magazine]

The holiday season is over and that means it’s now time to prep Valentine’s Day (at least according to the decorations up our local grocery store). To prep, here are three ideas for easy Valentine’s for your coworkers. [Oh Happy Day]

A must-read for any mama on a budget – the 10 most toxic items at the dollar store[Country Living] 

Speaking of budgeting, if you buy a $5 latte every weekday morning, it will end up costing you well over $1000 a year. The EveryGirl’s guide to making better coffee at home will make it a snap to just keep walking when faced with your favorite coffeeshop.

See you next week and cheers to a brand new year!