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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week

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012916_roundup_post_image_1024And just like that, it’s almost February. We hope everyone’s year is off to a great start. If you braved the East Coast blizzard, stay warm! Which brings us to…

This New York Igloo is now on Airbnb and available for you to rent for a mere $200 a night. The description of “boutique” is the real kicker. [New York Magazine]

Munchkin cats are taking the world by storm. They. Are. So. Cute. 😽 [The Dodo]

Heart-melting post of the week: three year old girl sings The Little Mermaid. Get this – she memorized the entire thing! We’re #impressed. [Entertainment Weekly]

Melting crayons can now be both highly entertaining and functional. Try baking them in heart-shaped cupcake trays to make the cutest Valentine’s Day crafts ever. (Don’t worry, here’s a visual on our DIY Pinterest board.)

Pro surfer Kelly Slater saved a woman and child from a wave that broke across a highway. *swoon* [GrindTV]

Standing in front of the fridge with no clue what to make? Us too, every day. POPSUGAR‘s recipe generator to the rescue.

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