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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week

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Would you look at that, Valentine’s Day and a three day weekend on the horizon? Flowers, chocolate, and a whole extra day to lounge around are in the cards. Need some internet goodies to kick off the weekend or fill your free time with happiness? We’ve done the digging for you!

Book clubs: so passé. Serious Eats makes the case for cookbook clubs. Tasty, wallet-friendly and fun – we’re sold.

Pinch us. We must be dreaming… an eighth Harry Potter book? We’re spellbound. [The Washington Post]

Kristin Wiig pretending to be Peyton Manning. “Favorite color? ‘French fries and toast.'”[CBS Sports]

Differentiating between identical twins is hard enough as an adult human. Making a baby do this? Adorable, naturally. [NY Mag]

Remember that treadmill music video from way back when? OK GO has gone and done it again with this new amazing music video. Favorite new hashtag too: #GravitysJustAHabit. [NBC]

We’ll leave you with this heartwarming Valentine’s Day story. Head to Facebook to read them all! Happy Valentine’s Day!