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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week

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Happy Friday – we hope March is everything you’d hoped for so far. Did you all find 29 ways to enjoy the extra day in 2016? (Happy belated birthday to all the Leaplings out there.)

This week we found can’t-miss articles from around the web that we simply had to share, ranging from hilarious videos to heart-warming illustrations. Tweet at us if we forgot something – or leave a comment if you’re feeling chatty.

Fact: Whether you celebrate Easter or not, there’s no reason not to love a chocolate bunny. Also a fact: No reason not to love a chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch. Yum? [Nerdist]

Easy. Impressive. Delicious. We are obsessing over these adorable breakfast granola cups. Berry faces are the cherry on top, pun intended. [Buzzfeed]

*Heart exploding* at these poignant illustrations a man drew for his wife to express his love. D’awww. [Huffington Post]

The reaction in this owl video from Bruhhh Comedy is so. on. point. Also, here’s a bunny eating raspberries from BunnyPigiShow. Long live animal videos.

Have a wonderful weekend!