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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week

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040116_roundUP_post imageHappy Friday, everyone! PSA: We’re now accepting socks at thredUP.


We hope you had a playful day filled with a few good laughs. Enjoy the weekend, and these articles we’ve gathered for you to peruse:

Feel like tapping into your creative side? And/or feeling inspired by Jackson Pollock today? Look no further than this.

Looks like Netflix decided to celebrate April Fools’ Day with the one and only John Stamos – which we are 100% completely OK with. [Today]

For your Youtube video laugh of the day, we present to you: Taylor Swift falling off a treadmill while rapping to Drake. This fulfills our T-swift, Drizzy, and giggle quota all in one fell swoop. [Time]

In honor of the Powerpuff Girls reboot, Cartoon Network has launched PowerpuffYourself, where you can create your own character. #love.

If you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood, the chances are reasonably high that it’s your go-to grocery store. We all have our favorite items, but here’s a crowd-sourced list of the best ones of all time. Shout-out to the chocolate covered frozen bananas! [Refinery29]

Remember those viral Youtube videos of people stacking cups really fast? Cup stacking is now part of the P.E. curriculum across America… and the world championships are this weekend! [New York Times]

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