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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week

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Happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone! Our plans include, but are not limited to: eating watermelon, watching fireworks, jumping into bodies of water to cool off, and reading bestsellers. We hope you have some grand plans as well! If you find yourself needing a break, we have a massive sale going on right now, with some crazy-good deals and steals.

With that, here are some of our favorite things around the interwebs:

Wondering what the future has in store for you? Here is your July horoscope, because why not? [Refinery29]

The last remaining cast member of Gone With The Wind – Olivia de Havilland – just turned 100! Here she is through the years, with an acting career that lasted over half a century. [Entertainment Weekly]

Apple has patented a device that disables iPhone cameras from recording or photographing live shows. An artist can theoretically set up an infrared device on stage, rendering receivers (a.k.a. iPhones) incapable of recording. WOAH. [NBC News]

If you’re having a Fourth of July potluck, but are still not sure what to make, we give to you: BBQ recipes for the perfect July cookout. Our fave is the pulled pork sammies with vinegar sauce, but that’s just us. [Today]

OK, now that food has been taken care of, time for Fourth of July drinks! Food & Wine has you covered, with patriotic party beverage ideas. Saffron cooler, anyone?

Have an amazing holiday! As always, tweet at us or leave a comment if we forgot something or you’re just in the mood to chat.