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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week

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Hey everyone, happy Friday!  If you find yourself in the mood to read, or get inspired to cook something yummy, we found a few articles for you to check out – enjoy!

First thing’s first. You’re a modern woman, living a hip, 21st century lifestyle. So you’ll need to know the five sauces for the modern cook, and how to make them. [The New York Times]

Since you’re a fascinating woman (who now knows how to make delicious sauces), it’s also important to take some me-time and get to know yourself, and what you love. As Katie Smith from Babble writes, “don’t be afraid to date yourself.”

Speaking of living life to the fullest,  here are 11 quick tips on how to do more with less time. Some call it “magic”, others call it “motherhood.” [Working Mother]

And, because we love you, here are 12 ways to stay on top of stress. Even though we’ve all been told these countless times, sometimes seeing a list in front of you is helpful. [Gabrielle Reece]

Switching gears, summertime is the ultimate season to go camping. Mostly as an excuse to eat s’mores. But even if you’re not outside camping, you can still eat those tasty morsels. Try these adorable mini s’mores tacos for a true at-home glamping experience. [Brit + Co]

Before eating your mini s’mores, you’ll probably want to photograph the picturesque situation. Thankfully, Refinery29 has some useful camera tricks for iPhone users who don’t own or use a real camera – read, everyone.

And with that, have a fabulous weekend! As always, tweet at us or leave a comment if we forget anything, or you’re just in the mood to chat.