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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week

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We’re a little late with this week’s roundUP. (Normally, we post these on Friday!) But we still wanted to post our favorite things from last week. What did we miss? If you find something that would be great for this weekly list, tweet at @thredUP with hashtag #roundUP. See you Friday. 

Joseph Gordon Levitt and wife Tasha McCauley welcome their baby boy! [POPSUGAR]

The cutest and softest cloth books for babies [Mother Magazine]

Bosnian artist creates stunningly tiny sculptures on the tips of pencils [Bored Panda]

A little boy tries to stay strong when a reporter asks if he’ll miss his mom on his first day of school (bring on the tears) [CBS News]

An Irish man visiting the United Arab Emirate takes his taxi driver on his first roller coaster ride at Ferrari World [Mashable]

This couple took newborn-shoot style photos with their new puppy. What’s not to love? [Buzzfeed]

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