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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week Of June 13 – June 19

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Here at thredUP, we work hard, but we also love to share inspiring links with one another throughout the week. It helps keep things in perspective, and let’s face it, we all need a little distraction every once and awhile. Here are our favorites of the week. If you find something that would be great for this weekly list, tweet at @thredUP with hashtag #roundUP. We’ll check it out, and consider including your link!

• Inspiring surfer Bethany Hamilton welcomed her son, Tobias, into the world earlier this month. The family is looking healthy and happy in Bethany’s recent Instagram post [Us Weekly]

Refinery 29‘s Fashion Features Director wore the exact same outfit for the entire month of May. Read about the ups and downs of her month-long uniform experience.

• Airport employees at Tampa International Airport take a lost stuffed tiger on an adventure before reuniting him with his owner [ABC]

• Pull off that chic jumpsuit you’ve been eyeing with these pointers [Garance Doré]

• Ever tried to put sunscreen on a fussy child? Nivea is working on making the experience more fun for everyone involved with these UV-sensitive dolls that teach kids about proper sun protection [c-net]

• An awesome dad writes about how having a daughter changed his outlook on life and made him see gender bias in a whole new way [Parenting Magazine]

• We adored MotherMag’s handy, life-simplifying checklist. It won’t surprise anyone that we especially loved the points about saving money and getting rid of unnecessary possessions.