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#roundUP: Our Favorite Links From The Week Of June 6 – June 12

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Here at thredUP, we work hard, but we also love to share inspiring links with one another throughout the week. It helps keep things in perspective, and let’s face it, we all need a little distraction every once and awhile. Here are our favorites of the week. If you find something that would be great for this weekly list, tweet at @thredUP with hashtag #roundUP. We’ll check it out, and consider including your link!

• Disney talks about plans for a new Frozen ride that will replace the Maelstrom at the Norway pavilion in Epcot next year! (Admit it, you love that “Let It Go” song as much as the kids do.) [Wall Street Journal Speakeasy]

• Zoe Saldana talks about being a mom and her husband’s decision to take her last name in an InStyle interview [Huffington Post]

• Hillary Clinton makes her first Instagram post, and it’s just perfect [Refinery 29]

•  Take a peak at what a healthy snack expert stocks in her fridge [Well + Good]

•  For all you Apple fans out there, get a recap of everything you need to know from WWDC including information on the new OS and iOS systems! [tech crunch]

• Speaking of healthy snacks, here’s a delicious list of 11 Breakfast Smoothies to get you up and running this summer [Real Simple]

• Harper’s Bazaar celebrates unconventional beauty icons who remind us that every women is unique and beautiful

Nike launches their #BETRUE collection featuring a rainbow gradient that celebrates “both the diversity found within sports and Nike’s support for the LGBT community” [Nike News]

• And finally, why not make your favorite lunch meat a bit more presentable with this ham rose tutorial? [Lucky Peach]