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Win a $1000 Shopping Spree: Let’s Play thredUP Bingo!

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We’re officially making August “Secondhand Month”! We’ll be celebrating all things thrifty with fun games and giveaways, while launching a challenge that will remind us all why secondhand first is so near and dear to our hearts. Find out what’s going on

We’re kicking off Secondhand Month with thredUP Bingo. Hold on to your virtual markers, because one lucky person will win a $1000 shopping spree from thredUP! That’s right, your dream closet is just a BINGO (or two) away. Read on for rules, some FAQs, and tips!


Get started by making sure you’re opted in for our emails. This is SUPER IMPORTANT, you can opt in here. You’ll get an email from us every Wednesday with your personal bingo card. Open the email and start filling out squares to activate your personal bingo card! The rules are simple:

  1. Complete a task, fill a square. Filling out five squares in a row (across, diagonal, or vertical) means you get a BINGO!
  2. A free space means you don’t have to do anything to fill the square. Of course, it’s always an excuse to do something fun like wear your favorite thrifty find, compliment someone on their outfit, treat yourself to a spa day…In other words, do a little good!
  3. Each BINGO gives you a raffle entry in our $1000 shopping credit sweepstakes.
  4. You get one BINGO card for the whole month. Better your chances of winning by filling out the entire card. That’s 12 entries!




How do I start playing? 

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! Make sure you’ve opted into our emails, you can check that here. Your personal digital bingo card will be sent to your inbox every Wednesday, so it’s imperative you get our emails.

Do I need to mark my own bingo card?

Nope, we’ll do all the work. All the actions you fulfill will automatically be recorded. Just fill out those squares and have fun, ladies!

How do I check my progress?

Each task you fulfill will be automatically marked on your personal bingo card, which will be emailed to you every Wednesday so check your inbox! Expect a total of four emails throughout the month.

What if I fill out my entire bingo card, do I get another one?

We love an ambitious bingo player, but each person gets ONE bingo card. Don’t let that stop you from completing it though! It’ll help your chances.

When will I know the results?

This is a month-long bingo game, so the lucky winner will be announced at the end of the month. Keep an eye out!


There are sooo many ways to get a BINGO. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start, here are some hot tips that’ll get you closer to that $1000 prize.

Save Big, Win Big: Use the Promo Codes!
There are six squares with bingo-exclusive promotional codes! Fill your closet with stylish essentials AND your bingo squares at the same time. Plus, the more bingos (or rows) you get, the more entries you’ll earn for that $1000 shopping spree aka you’ll better your chances at winning. All the more reason to shop, shop, shop!



ABB: Always Be Bundling
There are several squares that have a discount code, which means that you have to make one purchase per code. The only problem is that shipping costs could stack up (yuck)! Get around extra shipping costs by choosing our Buy & Bundle option (that’s also a bingo square, by the way).

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to have already purchased with thredUP before AND saved your credit card information to unlock the Buy & Bundle feature. If you’re a thredUP veteran, then bundle away. Never shopped at thredUP? Join the thrifty club! 




How does Buy & Bundle work? B&B combines items from multiple orders into a single package that ships everything together. You have 7 days to bundle all your purchases before your order(s) ship.

BONUS: All Auto-Buy purchases (also a square!) will automatically create or be added to a bundle.

You can find more information on Buy & Bundle and Auto-Buy here.

Learn thredUP Basics
With more than a million items on the site, thredUP can be overwhelming to sift through at first glance. Find what you want fast and fill in some squares in the process by learning the following thrifting hacks!

Save Your Searches: Love that brand? Looking for a pair of heels? On the hunt for a purple dress for a wedding? Be the first to know about the latest arrivals by saving your searches.

Simply search for either a category (like a purple cocktail dress) or a brand (like Madewell) and you’ll be prompted to save the keyword. You’ll get an email whenever there’s something new. Learn more about that here.



Save Your Sizes: Why browse through thousands of items that don’t fit? Save your size preferences here to instantly filter everything you browse. You’ll find the perfect fit right away.




Favorite Your Items: Build a formidable wishlist of goodies by favoriting items while you browse! Simply tap the ❤️ whenever you see an item you’d like to keep an eye on. Keep track of the things you love here.



Learn more about thredUP shopping hacks here.

Ready to play? GAME ON.

Check your email now and get started! Let us know in the comments below what you would do with your $1000 shopping spree.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends August 31, 2018. For Official Rules, visit Sponsor: ThredUp Inc.