Published on august 16, 2018

These Secondhand Scores Will Inspire Your Next Shopping Spree

written by Team thredUP

Whew, we’re halfway through Secondhand Month, and we’ve all been super busy playing Secondhand Bingo and trying the #NoNewClothes challenge. But let’s not forget the most important part of Secondhand Month… the thrifty finds!

To celebrate our most memorable scores, we asked our favorite style pros and thrifty gals to share their favorite secondhand items. Plus, we checked in with some of the staffers taking the #NoNewClothes challenge to share their latest finds as well!

What’s Your All-Time Fave Secondhand Score?

Caitlin Houston – @catalynbear

I choose to shop secondhand because I feel like my money stretches much farther. I can buy more for less!

I found a Lilly Pulitzer jumpsuit! I knew I wanted one for my beach vacation but didn’t like the price tag attached. I searched on thredUP for “jumpsuit” and narrowed the results by brand and size. I was so excited to find that thredUP offered an adorable Lilly Pulitzer jumpsuit for a fraction of the price. I saved $103!

I was SO surprised at the quality of the secondhand item and received a million compliments when I wore it on my beach trip.

Hikari Murakami – @hikarimurakami

Ever since becoming a mom, I’ve been rethinking my entire wardrobe and HOW I shop.  Secondhand shopping made me feel good that I wasn’t buying things on a whim from fast fashion chain stores, but instead buying preloved items and allowing me to be more environmentally conscious. It doesn’t hurt that I’m saving a lot of money too!

I really wanted shorts to add to my summer wardrobe and specifically wanted Levi’s.  So I typed Levi’s and narrowed down by size, and I was surprised there were some options! For my top, I searched for “blouse” and then narrowed down by size and found this cute pink top. I saved over 60%!

Lauren Pfieffer – @passingwhimsies

I originally started thrifting nine years ago because I couldn’t afford clothes at my local mall, but I still wanted to dress stylishly. I love the thrill of the hunt, but also because it’s ethical and sustainable! I studied fashion merchandising in college and really had a chance to learn about how harmful the fashion industry is. It made me reconsider the type of consumer I wanted to be and what I wanted to put my dollars behind.

My whole outfit was under $30! My best find was the dress. Just like conventional thrifting, it’s easier to find something when you narrow down what you’re looking for. I knew I wanted an easy summer dress, then I tweaked the filter of color, style, and size to refine my search from 50,000+ to 1,500.

Scores from Our #NoNewClothes Staffers

Speaking of secondhand scores, it may be time to check in with our #NoNewClothes challengees. While some have been revisiting the clothes in their closets, a lot of our shopaholic staffers have already scored some awesome secondhand gems! Let’s check in…


I was looking for a dress to wear to a casual wedding, but I didn’t want to spend too much. I found this bright red dress, for $18.99, originally $48! I hate buying dresses for special occasions that I can only wear once so I’ve been pairing the dress with white sneakers (also thrifted from thredUP) and a denim jacket. It’s the perfect outfit to romp around town. From park days to running errands, no one is missing this girl in fire engine red.


I usually find what I want secondhand since styles are cyclical. Buying a pair of modern jeans or leather jacket will never go out of style!

I’m kind of diligent with my save searches, I have saved searches for every category you can imagine! I actually saved $68 dollars on this dress, which I found in my “fun party dresses” saved search for brands that are known for designing cool, asymmetrical, and interesting cut dresses. Brands like Rachel Roy, Shoshanna, & Alice & Olivia. I also usually filter these searches for my sizes (of course), new with tags, or like new conditions so I only get alerted to the best stuff.


I love shopping secondhand. You discover items you never knew you wanted or that you’ve always wanted but wouldn’t buy new because of price. Plus, it feels good knowing I am taking part in helping prolong the life of a garment and keeping it out of landfill.

I found this AllSaints sequined skirt by saving my search on the thredUP site for AllSaints and checking a few times a week (sometimes daily) for new arrivals. Generally, AllSaints does not have super discounted sales, and the regular price point of most of their items is too high for me to justify on a regular basis.

The price on thredUP for this skirt was $44.99. I was able to use a discount which made the skirt $38.22. The estimated retail price for this skirt was $230. So I saved almost 192 dollars!! YAAAASSS, what a deal!

What was your all-time favorite secondhand find? Let us know in the comments below!