Published on may 11, 2018

Ask the Clean Out Pros: Tips & Tricks from Our Best Sellers

written by Team thredUP

Cleaning out your closet can be tough. Not just because you have to go through ALL those clothes, but it’s also so hard to give stuff up! Even after you’ve convinced yourself to let go, how do you get rid of unwanted clothes? That’s what the internet is for, duh!

Selling used clothing online is an easy, feel-good way to clear out the wardrobe. It saves time without creating waste! So how do you become an expert online secondhand clothes seller? We’ve tapped into the thredUP network and asked five of our pro sellers to dish on how they sell their used items online, from cleaning out their closet to filling their Clean Out Bag!

Any tips on keeping your items in great shape to send to thredUP?

Laurie D: I try to keep my clothes on hangers and organized in my (our) closets.

Shelley M: I air dry a lot of my clothes. I know it’s a pain, but I feel like it keeps them in great shape!

Jessica S: I make sure to wash them well, and only wash when needed.

on hangers@chardonnaynshopping

Abbie S: I spot check items before putting them back in my closet after wearing.

Jill A: Pay attention to the clothing manufacturers’ washing instructions… if it says dry clean, then do so! Treat stains ASAP, and repair any rips or missing buttons. If it’s not in good shape, thredUP won’t take it!

How do you decide what items to send in your Clean Out Bag?

Laurie D: I decide on what to send to thredUP based on how many times my family has worn the outfits or we have several pictures of the outfit on Facebook.

Shelley M: I usually make a big stack of things I know I want to get rid of… then I sort them by the kind of shape they’re in and if they are a brand I think would sell well on thredUP.


Jessica S: If the item has been sitting in my closet for years and still has the tags on them, it’s time to send them to thredUP!

Abbie S: I check for luxe labels in my closet since I know those do well.

Jill A: I clean out my closet at least twice a year and have three piles, one for thredUP, one for donations, and one to toss. The items that are relatively new and in good shape that I know are still worth something will go to sell. I check thredUP’s list of items and designers that are most popular for resale and throw in a few other surprises for the crew at thredUP. When I have a good-sized pile, I order a Clean Out Bag.

What is your top secret tip to cleaning out your closet?

Laurie D: My top secret tip to cleaning out my closet would be to remember that I’m making room for new things! It’s a nice incentive, plus it just feels good to clean out often, actually weekly for me.

Shelley M: Stop saying “I should keep this…I might wear it.” If you haven’t worn it in the last year, chances are you won’t wear it again!

Jessica S: My top secret is to be brutally honest with myself and think about what I actually wear. If I just have an outfit idea but nowhere to wear it, it’s time to get it out of my closet.

Jill A: If I don’t love it, it goes! If it doesn’t fit (too big or too small), it goes. If it’s not me, it goes (sometimes we all buy something thinking it’s right and ultimately it isn’t). I start at one end of the closet and methodically go through each category (dresses, blouses, etc.), piece by piece. I definitely don’t do it all in one day.

How often do you clean out your closet?

Jessica S: I like to clean it out per season.

Abbie S: I clean out every season.

Jill A: Usually per season but at least twice a year. Sometimes I need to get rid of something right away because it annoys me!


Why do you shop and sell at thredUP?

Laurie D: It’s so simple and I love having the extra money. The polka dot debit cards are cute and fun too! It’s like getting a prize in the mail.

Shelley M: I like selling at thredUP because I don’t have to go to multiple places to sell and donate, plus they make the whole process of sending clothes SO EASY!

Jessica S: It’s good for the environment and greatly reduces the waste the fashion industry contributes to the planet.

Jill A: I buy nice things and I don’t want to waste them just because I’m done with them. And I’m thrifty.

Any advice for anyone who wants to be a pro thredUP seller?

Jessica S: My main piece of advice would be to take real inventory of your closet and decide what’s needed and what’s not. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, chances are you won’t be wearing it again.

Laurie D: My advice would be to do it with a friend first! I helped a friend clean out her closet and we made it fun. We had music and wine while we organized her clothes and purses. After she sent in her first Clean Out Bag, she received about $145! We celebrated. Also, I recommend selling clothes that you’ve had compliments on or are in style, as well as clothes without stains that are clean and someone would wear again. The extra money is another great reason. We love thredUP!

enthusiastic cleanout@naturefuel

Abbie S: I say send only luxe labels to get top dollar, non-luxe labels usually don’t pay as much.

Jill A: Learn what sells. Sometimes when I buy something new, I think about whether I will be able to resell it when I’m done.

Take it from the pros, selling your old, used clothes doesn’t have to be a pain! Keep the things that spark joy, and sell the things that don’t (someone else might just love them). Are you raring to tackle your own fit-to-bursting closet? Order your free Clean Out Kit now and get sorting!