Published on june 19, 2018

Want to Dress Like a Star? Shop Show-Stopping Styles from a Dancing Legend

written by Team thredUP

And 5,6,7,8! The latest edition of Shop Her Closet launches today, featuring TV’s favorite dancer, Cheryl Burke. Shop Her Closet is an on-going series where we partner with stylish women to share their closets and sell their clothes to YOU!

Cheryl Burke’s show-stopping styles—romantic dresses, like-new activewear, and designer finds—can now be yours. Plus, find out why Cheryl Burke needed to clean out her closet, stat. Hint: it’s for love! Read on…

Why did you decide to do such a big closet clean out right now?

I’ve cleaned out for an exciting reason – my fiancé Matt is moving in! As soon as we made the decision, I was like, “Oh no. My closets.” I immediately thought of selling my clothes to online thrift store thredUP because their Clean Out Kit makes it SO easy and convenient! Also the polka dot bags are really cute, which doesn’t hurt. It’s sad to lose some room in my closet but starting fresh for our new life together feels so good.

What’s your favorite memory in one of these pieces?

I’m letting go of a lot of items that have meant so much to me over the years – cozy stuff I’ve curled up on the couch in (with wine!) to watch Netflix. My comfy CeeBee Activewear from QVC that I’ve warmed up in. Special outfits from past vacations that Matt and I have been on. One of my favorite memories is putting together my live stage dance show, “Love on the Floor” show. It was such a labor of love, and one of the pieces I’m selling was a memento from the tours. I hope whoever buys it feels compelled to throw it on and dance!

What your go-to I-love-myself outfit and why?

I feel best when I feel either comfortable or relaxed. The perfect denim jacket with black jeans, or a cute workout look!


Why did you decide to clean out with thredUP?

Moving in is such a big step. Even though it’s hard to get rid of some sentimental clothing, it’s worth it because I want Matt to know I’m making room for him in my closet and it’s OUR home now. He knows how much I love my closet space, but even he couldn’t believe it when I filled up about a dozen thredUP clean out bags!”

What’s changed the most since getting engaged?

Since Matt and I got engaged, we decided it makes sense to take the leap and move in together. It’s exciting but also a little scary! It’s definitely been an adjustment, especially when it comes to closet organization. I’m so used to having my own space, and now I’m making room for a whole other person – luckily that other person is my best friend.

What advice do you have for other brides-to-be?

Don’t be afraid to compromise! When Matt and I decided to move in together, I wanted to make sure we both felt completely at home. Even though cleaning out my closet and getting rid of so many special items was hard, it’s worth it. I also think it’s important to relish the moment. I’m cleansing my home of old memories and looking forward to making space for the next chapter…until we buy a new home together!


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