Published on july 24, 2018

Shop Their Drama (and Closets): NYC’s Favorite Housewives Are Cleaning Out!

written by Team thredUP

Our clothes carry a lot of memories, some good, some embarrassing, some straight-up just toxic, and NYC’s favorite housewives could not agree more! That’s why this edition of Shop Her Closet, an on-going series where we partner with stylish women to share their closets with YOU, is all about that feel-good cleanse!

The lovely ladies of the hit TV show cannot wait to clean out their closets with thredUP! They’re clearing their wardrobes of clothes that remind them of all the toxic memories from past seasons and donating the proceeds to a charity of their choice, and YOU get to shop it all.

We sat each housewife down for a little confessional of our own to find out the memories they’re letting go of, and the juicy details behind their much-needed closet cleanse. Read on!


A celebrated writer, journalist, and all-around badass, Carole Radziwill‘s cool-as-a-cucumber attitude mirrors her sleek taste in fashion. She’s excited for new beginnings!

What’s your top secret tip to cleaning out your closet?

C: Don’t romanticize clothing. If you wore it on your first date with your college sweetheart and haven’t looked at it since let someone else enjoy it — pay it forward.

Tell us the story behind one of the most memorable items that you’re letting go.

C: One of the dresses I’m selling on thredUP I wore to a holiday party where Luann tried to make us sing “Jingle Bells.” Once we got there I told her I would definitely not be singing. Luckily my dress could act as a bell, which was perfect for the moment. I couldn’t get out of getting on stage but at least I didn’t have to sing. A chic dress is worth a thousand words – or songs. I love it but now it’s time for someone else to enjoy it.


Your #rideordie words to live by?

C: Fashion is a dress, style is a way of life.

Shop Carole’s closet! Proceeds will be going to North Shore Animal League


With a lengthy career in fashion, chic is Dorinda Medley‘s middle name, and it shows. Just check her closet! A born entertainer, she always has a snappy remark for the rest of the New York crew.

From everything you’re cleaning out, which is your favorite item that you wore on air?

D: The dress I wore for my very first confessional. It’s made by my good friend Malan Breton, who I adore. I was so proud to wear it. The best part of this dress is that it has built-in boobs, so you don’t have to wear a bra. At the time of the confessional I was in the middle of a huge fight with Ramona, but this was the perfect dress to wear to speak my truth because it made me feel so confident.


What was the one moment on the show you wish you could take back?

D: While I meant what I said, I do wish I could take back the conversation I had with Sonja about her divorce. The death of my husband is still so painful, but it’s impossible for people to understand unless they’ve gone through it themselves. I guess I have to be accepting of other people’s battles. It’s moments like those that I’m letting go of by donating my clothes. Moving on is important, and so is forgiveness.

Shop Dorinda’s closet. Proceeds will be going to The Ali Forney Center


A bold and confident entrepreneur, Ramona Singer isn’t one to back down from a challenge. She’s charged through many ups and downs over the seasons, and now she’s ready to let these toxic memories go with a smile!

Tell us about an item you’re cleaning out and the toxic memory that it reminds you of.

R: I wore one of the pieces I’m selling with thredUP to the Hampton Classic in the first season. Luann made fun of my outfit with the other women and it really hurt my feelings! It was rude, and also just incorrect because the outfit actually looked great on me.

Any item you’re especially excited to share?

R: One piece you can buy on thredUP is a dress I wore on the finale episode of season 1. I was extra fashionably late in this dress. When you look that good other people just have to wait! Whoever buys this dress should definitely wear it to a party where they want all eyes on them. My daughter Avery said I looked just like a Barbie doll. Avery was always very critical about the way I dressed, but it’s a really fabulous dress and I felt like a million bucks in it.


Shop Ramona’s closet! Proceeds will be going to Safe Horizon


COMING SOON! Everyone’s favorite countess, Luann de Lesseps is a mom of two and at the helm of her own lifestyle brand. Luann is the epitome of classy Manhattan glam. Stay tuned for her interview and to shop her items.

The New York crew is SO excited to share their closets with you. Shop our the first closet now, and check in regularly as more closets will be available over the course of the week!

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