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Dress Like a Yogi, Feel Like a Queen! Shop Jessamyn Stanley’s Workout Goodies

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It’s time to go with the flow for this edition of Shop Her Closet, our ongoing series where we partner with stylish women to share and sell their closets to YOU!

Always ready to share her wisdom, Jessamyn Stanley is a body-positive advocate and yoga teacher who is known for her positive energy and bright confidence.

As an influencer, she gets plenty of stylish activewear from top brands, but she knows that level of accessibility isn’t the case for other plus size women. That’s why she’s opening up her closet and sharing her workout goodies with you in our latest Shop Her Closet! Today, we sit down with Jessamyn and to learn more about her story, why size inclusivity matters, why she loves secondhand, and the trends she’s living for!

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We’re so excited to share your closet with the thredUP community! What do you like about shopping secondhand?

I grew up in a secondhand household — some of my earliest and fondest memories are scouring thrift shops with my parents. As an adult, I genuinely prefer buying secondhand because it’s one of the only ways that hard-to-find items get in my wardrobe and home. I’m unique and I want my wardrobe to reflect that! Some of the best items in my closet were first purchased by someone else.

And that’s just clothing — secondhand furniture is MY LIFE. My favorite way to spend a Saturday is hunting through vintage shops and antique shops for mid-century furniture. I’ve made some incredible finds over the years and my inner Don Draper is VERY happy about it.


You’ve always been vocal about size inclusivity. When it comes to the active industry, what do you think needs to change? 

Instead of viewing plus size activewear consumers solely as the “before” in a weight loss story, the activewear industry needs to recognize and respect the fat athlete as a person and not a myth. Instead of designing clothing meant to conceal our bodies and subtly encourage body shame, there should be a distinct push to design clothing that celebrates our bodies and encourages us to be visible, vibrant, sexy, and powerful.


So many women wear a size 14 or up, but that’s not being reflected in stores… why do you think it’s taking so long for the fashion industry to catch up?

I think that there is an inherent disrespect for plus size bodies in our world. Fat shaming is still normalized and nowhere is that truer than the fashion industry. The only reason that we’re seeing a shift now is because a core of fat fashion bloggers have been pushing the metaphorical needle in the digital world and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to ignore the money they’re capable of making by extending sizes. I truly believe that without the impact of fat fashion bloggers and influencers we wouldn’t be seeing the shift we’re seeing now.

As a plus size influencer, what was the biggest challenge you faced in your life? How did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I face is remaining authentic in all of my endeavors. It is very easy to feel compelled to change major aspects of your personality and physical “look” in order to be accepted within the influencer community. However, committing to authenticity is everything to me. In truth, I think it’s the only “card” an influencer has to play. It’s the fountain of all creativity. Without it, I would be lost.


Speaking of vibrant and visible, when do you feel most confident? 
I feel most confident when I am standing in my truth. Standing in my truth, no matter how ugly or complicated, makes me feel all-powerful. It makes every garment feel like regalia.

Who are you most inspired by, living or dead? 

Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, Martin Luther King, Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, Harriet Tubman.

Size inclusivity is a major problem in both the activewear industry and the fashion world as a whole. What do you think about the lack of plus visibility? Let us know below, and check out Jessamyn’s amazing closet for styles that’ll make you feel like a queen!